Jane Seymour reunites with 'Dr. Quinn cast' for Funny or Die spoof

Jane Seymour is a Hollywood icon who has no trouble poking a little fun at herself. The actress just did a hilarious Funny or Die skit, “Dr. Quinn, Morphine Woman,” for which the whole “Dr. Quinn" gang got back together. Seymour, 63, also talked to FOX411 about posing in a bikini at 62 years old, how she keeps an open heart, and the best role of her career.

FOX411: Who’s idea was it to do the “Dr. Quinn” parody?

Jane Seymour: It was my idea. “Funny or Die” came to me to do a skit, and they had all of these other great ideas, but I’ve got this idea I’ve always thought about, and they loved it. So, they went with it. My concept was that every time I filmed “Dr. Quinn,” and I was in my office the only medicine available at that time would be cocaine, morphine, a leather strap, and a bottle of whiskey. And I thought, “I wonder what would happen if she accidentally turned them into addicts and alcoholics?”

FOX411: How did you decide to incorporate “Breaking Bad?”

Seymour: It’s my guilty pleasure. I thought, “Wouldn’t be funny to take “Dr. Quinn” and tie it into “Breaking Bad.”  Aaron Paul is a friend, and I tried to get him in but we got Skinny Pete instead.

FOX411: What was it like putting on the Dr. Quinn costumes again and being back with the old gang?

Seymour: It was magic!  We still had our own costumes.  We hadn’t seen each other, most of us, for sixteen years.  We had the best time.  We were on our set, in our costumes, and then I had a little party for them afterwards at my house.

FOX411: Has the “Breaking Bad” cast reached out to you?

Seymour: No, I don’t think any of them have heard about it.  I mean, they must have.

FOX411: The chemistry between your former “Dr. Quinn” co-star Joe Lando is still intense.

Seymour: You know we dated before I got married.  Before we did the pilot we dated, and then we broke up when they picked up the series, so note to self, never date somebody and break up before you do seven years on working being in love.

FOX411: Your “Open Hearts” collection and foundation is hugely popular, how do you keep an open heart when things get tough?

Seymour: I think I’m a perfect example.  My husband and I separated two years ago, and we chose to all have Thanksgiving together, and I’ve invited him to join us for Christmas.  You know what, family is family, and when you’re parents you’re always going to be a couple whether you like it or not.  And James (Keach) and I get along very well.  We make movies together, we do lots of things together, so the only thing we’re not doing right now is living together.

FOX411: You appeared on the cover of “Closer” this year wearing a bikini and looking great. You seem so comfortable in your body.

Seymour: I’m not really. I ordered longer legs. My daughters got them and my grandchild got really long legs but it’s amazing what you can do in a bikini if you work out a little bit and wear high heels, that was the trick.

FOX411: Would you do it again in 2015?

Seymour: I don’t think we really need to, do we? I think the message was given. The other thing is when you get a little bit older if you don’t do Restlyne or Botox, which I don’t, I don’t do any fillers. If you want to fill your face you’ve got to fill other parts of your body.

FOX411: What has been your favorite role so far?

Seymour: I have to admit “Kitty Kat” ("Wedding Crashers") was fun. That was a lot of fun.To me it doesn’t matter how big the role is if it’s really good material, and you’re working with really great people like I was, Vince (Vaughn) and Owen (Wilson) and Isla (Fischer), and they were extraordinary. Obviously, “Dr. Quinn” was very meaningful to me because the chemistry with Joe (Lando) and the writing, and the great cast.

FOX411: Tell us about your involvement with the Glen Campbell documentary, “Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me.”

Seymour: I’m the executive producer. I worked on it for the last three years with James Keach, and Trevor Albert who produced it, James directed it. We heard from Glen Raymond, the producer of Glen’s last major album called “Ghost on the Canvas” which is a great album, and he told us that Glen had just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and he didn’t know how long he would be able to perform but he was going to go on tour even though he had Alzheimer’s and it could probably be a few weeks, and someone needed to chronicle this. So, the family came to us and said, “Would you do this? We trust you after you did ‘Walk the Line.” We produced that, too. So, we decided to make this movie, and of course he did 150 shows.