Jana Kramer gets personal on new album 'Thirty One'

Country singer Jana Kramer has a lot of exciting news to share these days. Kramer, 31, announced her pregnancy with husband Mike Caussin on Aug. 10 and is about to release her second studio album, titled "Thirty One" on Oct. 9.

Kramer shared her excitement for the new album and how she feels it is an authentic look at who she really is as an artist and as a person.

“So I am 31, and you know I was trying to just think of the perfect album title because I wanted people to really get to know me on this album," Kramer told FOX411 Country. "I don’t think I did that good of a job on the first album of people really getting to know who I am so I really wanted to draw people in and write songs that were extremely personal and then also for fun too cause my fans love to just have a good time, so I wanted to connect with them on that.

Kramer explained that "Thirty One" has a mix of songs with a varying range of sounds and lyrics, depicting her life’s journey.

As for whether being a wife and expecting mother will change what she wants to be singing about going forward, “Yeah I mean… I’m already working on my third album like in my head, 'I’m like okay, I want to write about this, but you know it’s not just going to be all butterflies and rainbows.' You know, of course I’ll probably have a song about my baby girl, and you know more songs about my husband, but I love drawing on past experiences because that’s really what drives me and I know people can relate to those things as well."

Kramer is now celebrity blogging for People Magazine about her pregnancy journey and enjoys sharing her experience with other women. “I’m you know 21 weeks and I’m still nauseous, and it’s still you know, it’s still kind of that struggle so I like to kind of see what other women are dealing with and how they’re dealing with the nausea and you know what I’m craving, what they’re craving, how my body is changing because every day it’s like this is new, this is different.”

For more of FOX411 Country’s interview with Kramer, watch the video above.