Ireland Baldwin's Topless Hike, Hannah Davis' New Hosting Gig, and Much, Much More

Here's what's happening out there, everybody:

• On Sunday, Ireland Baldwin shared a couple of topless photos from a hike with her Siberian husky (see one above). We're guessing Ireland also brought along a friend with opposable thumbs to snap the pictures, as she seemed to have her hands full.

• Sports Illustrated cover model Hannah Davis has been tapped to host a children's version of Lifetime's "Project Runway," to be called "Project Runway Junior." The show will reportedly task teens (aged 14–17) with creating runway-quality fashions, and maybe even a swimsuit that pulls itself down so Hannah won't have to anymore.

• Speaking of that, we recently had the chance to ask Hannah Davis herself about that Sports Illustrated cover (you know the one), and how she felt about kicking off "The year of the torso." Watch the video below to hear what she had to say, and stay tuned for another look at that super-sexy cover.

• A new video of Shia LaBeouf freestyle rapping is making the rounds online. At one point, he even disses the "Transformers" franchise that made him famous, showing that he possesses enough self-awareness to criticize his past career choices. With that in mind, one wonders how soon he'll regret becoming a mediocre freestyle rapper. (You can watch the video here, but language is NSFW.)

• Sean "Diddy" Combs fell through a gap in the stage during his performance at Sunday night's BET Awards in Los Angeles. He later joked about it on Instagram (below), proving that he really only bruised his ego in the fall. And probably his butt-bone.

• During Kanye West's set at the Glastonbury music festival, a concertgoer reportedly waved a large flag featuring a screenshot from Kim Kardashian's sex tape with Ray J. The DailyMail identified this person a "Kanye West fan," but let's he honest here: This guy was no Kanye West fan. A true fan of Kanye would wave a flag with a naked picture of Kim taken after her marriage to Kanye!

• An Egyptian prank show recently tricked Paris Hilton into thinking she was going to die in a horrific plane crash over Dubai (below). But before watching, please be aware that we at FNM aren't fans of needlessly cruel pranks like this one. On the other hand, we would pay good money to watch Hilton beat the show's producers senseless with a crowbar, as they rightly deserve it.

• Bill Hudson has publicly disowned Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson (the two children he shares with ex-wife Goldie Hawn) after Oliver, on Father's Day, posted a decades-old photo of the three of them captioned with the words "Happy Abandonment Day." Bill further stated that Oliver and Kate were "dead" to him, though we're guessing he'll still chuckle during occasional viewings of "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days." It's on cable all the time, after all!

• Early on Monday, Taylor Swift shared a photo from a couples' outing in London with boyfriend Calvin Harris and lovebirds Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas. Taylor also explained that friend Karlie Kloss was serving as their "unofficial historian/London tour guide," probably because it sounds so much nicer than "fifth wheel."

• On a recent episode of "Watch What Happens Live," actress Rose McGowan claimed that she broke off her engagement to Marilyn Manson because he was (allegedly) using cocaine. Whoa, wait a minute — a rock star doing cocaine? What other mind-blowing revelations did McGowan uncover after entering into a relationship with the controversial singer of "I Don't Like the Drugs (But the Drugs Like Me)"?!?

• And finally, "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon was reportedly hospitalized on Friday after injuring his hand in his Manhattan apartment. Details of just how serious an injury are unclear, but if worse comes to worst, at least he can rest easy knowing his prop department has a plethora of prosthetic limbs he can use.