Ireland Baldwin's Slinky Blanket-Dress and Jeff Lewis' Tips on Home-Buying

Here's what's happening out there:

Late last week, Ireland Baldwin shared one of her cleavage-heavy photos from a new spread in Spain's S Moda magazine (below), wearing what appears to be an upscale Snuggie of sorts. Or perhaps this is simply the first in a series of ads for Ireland's newest venture, the Baldwin Blanket Company:

Thinking about investing in a home? Not so fast there, Donald Trump! Before you buy, there's a few thing you should know. In the video above, "Flipping Out" star Jeff Lewis shares his best advice for those looking to become real estate entrepreneurs.

According to a source for E! News, "Modern Family" actress Sofia Vergara and "True Blood" actor Joe Manganiello got engaged on Christmas Day, thus increasing their chances of one day portraying themselves in the Lifetime TV re-telling of their Hollywood romance. It'll likely be called "A Wife for Christmas," or something like that.

As reported by Page Six, Chris Rock's soon-to-be ex-wife Malaak has filed for sole custody of their two daughters. We're not yet sure how she plans to prove Rock is an unfit parent, but perhaps he's been neglecting the kids' medical coverage in favor of Robitussin.

Kim Kardashian remarked on Instagram that she often refrains from laughing "because it causes wrinkles." And if that's the case, we highly suspect that having a proper job and doing manual labor also causes wrinkles.

On Monday evening, Food Network personality Giada de Laurentiis announced on Facebook that she and husband Todd Thompson are amicably ending their marriage after 11 years, and probably almost 11,000 Tuscan lasagnas.

Actress Kaley Cuoco of "The Big Bang Theory" has been accused of getting a nose job after posting photos from a recent surgery online, but Cuoco insists she merely underwent a sinus procedure to help her breathe better. We tend to believe her, even though that's the same excuse we heard from our childhood BFF right before she came back from "summer camp" with a new nose.

A piracy-tracking firm called Excipio has determined "The Wolf of Wall Street" to be the most pirated movie of the year, with about 30 million illegal downloads in 2014. Coming in second was Disney's "Frozen," probably because you needed something for the kids to watch while you screened your illegal Scorsese movie.

The makers of the mobile video game "Game of War: Fire Age" released yet another commercial starring Kate Upton as some kind of medieval goddess/war general. This time, she's urging a bunch of fantastical rulers to build competing empires, because historically, that's always been a good idea.

Despite starring such attractive actors as Christina Hendricks, Eva Mendes and Matt Smith, Ryan Gosling's directorial debut "Lost River" will not be released in theaters, instead going straight to video-on-demand and home media. In other words, this thing must be really bad.

And finally, Netflix will be debuting a false, on-demand "Madagascar"-themed New Year's Eve countdown, reportedly for use by parents who want to trick their children into going to bed early on December 31. It will also have the unfortunate side effect of being your child's favorite Netflix programming until sometime next June.