In the FOXlight: Joy Mangano's Amazing Life Story Inspires the Oscar-Nominated Film 'Joy'

What's an inventor to do after launching several successful, life-changing products like the Miracle Mop and Huggable Hangers? She gets the big-screen treatment, of course.

Joy Mangano's life story is the inspiration for the Oscar-nominated film "Joy," which stars Jennifer Lawrence in the lead role of … well … Joy Mangano. But when FNC's Michael Tammero asks the real Mangano if she could've imagined as much, she gets a little flabbergasted.

"Who would think?" exclaims Mangano. "I mean, [the] No. 1 actress? She's amazing! And then Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper, Isabella Rossellini — it just goes on and on and on, right?"

"I think it was such a beautiful way for me to be introduced to Hollywood, and to be part of the making of this unbelievable movie 'Joy,'" she adds.

But speaking of unbelievable, Joy's own accomplishments are just as, if not more astounding. She's sold over $3 billion dollars' worth of merchandise (that's billion with a "B") and holds the patents to over a hundred inventions — just don't ask which one is her favorite.

"That's like asking about your children," she tells Tammero.

Watch the clip above for more from Joy Mangano, then click here to shop her entire product line at HSN.