In the FOXlight: 'Houdini and Doyle' is Like 'The X-Files' of the Victorian-Era

There are a lot of clever shows on television, but perhaps none more clever than "Houdini and Doyle."

Inspired by the real-life friendship of famed illusionist Harry Houdini and celebrated author Arthur Conan Doyle, FOX's new dramedy takes a fictionalized look at two of the world's brightest minds as they race to solve/debunk supernatural phenomena for Scotland Yard.

"It's kind of like Victorian era 'X-Files,'" explains Rebecca Liddiard, who stars as the London constable who aids Houdini and Doyle in their investigations.

As fun as that sounds, "Houdini and Doyle" is so much more than just an "X-Files" period piece, adds English actor Stephen Margan (Doyle): "It's a relationship drama. There's action. There's psychological thrill[s]. Spooky horror. It's a real great mix of all sorts of things," he says.

Oh, and let's not forget about the friendly, almost comical rivalry between the show's two leads — one of whom (Houdini) wants to disprove the supernatural, while the other (Doyle) seeks to substantiate it.

"They found their way to each other, because I think they really needed each other," adds Houdini actor Michael Weston.

Watch the rest of the FOXlight segment above for a sneak peek of "Houdini and Doyle," then tune in Monday for the series premiere.