Iggy Azalea says she had a ‘psychotic breakdown’

Iggy Azalea’s finally coming clean about her botched 2015 tour.

“I had to have a psychotic breakdown last year,” the “Fancy” star, 25, revealed in the latest issue of Schön! Magazine. “I felt tired and stressed out.”

In May 2015, Azalea suddenly nixed a string of concert dates, with her team insisting her act needed “more time in development.”

In the new interview, Azalea also says the way she was dragged through the media — namely for her past homophobic comments and ever-changing looks — took a toll on her.

“Last year, I felt like I was definitely not in control of the media’s narrative of me,” she said. “It made me feel very out of control of my own life or my ability to have my own perception of who I was. You don’t want someone else writing your narrative and making you the villain. Then I just realized that, you know what, you can’t control it and I think I accepted that and moved on to living my life.”

When the controversial rapper releases her long-awaited second album later this year, she’ll try her hand in touring again, adding she feels like her “energy’s been renewed.”

While tour dates and album release dates are at the forefront of her mind, she’s got another important date at the altar with fiancé Nick Young. But the star worries how she’ll have time for both a personal life and a demanding career.

“See? It’s too much stuff! I’ve got to a have a wedding and go on a f-king honeymoon and … put on an arena tour, all across the whole world.”

The pair got engaged in June 2015.

This article originally appeared in the New York Post's Page Six.