Hugh Jackman dressed as Wolverine for Halloween, and nobody noticed

Multi-talented star of stage and screen Hugh Jackman returns in Wolverine form for “X-Men: Days of Future Past” putting the famous claws on for a seventh time. FOX411 talked with Jackman about why he keeps coming back.

FOX411: Ever have fun all done up as Wolverine, like photo-bombing a cast member’s photograph or running errands?

Jackman: I've done Halloween dressed up.

FOX411: Did people recognize you?

Jackman: No because at that point, that was “X-Men 2.” People didn't really know me. I was in Canada, but my son was dressed up in the identical X-Men outfit and they were like aww how cute. One person went (gasp, points)… everyone else… it’s just all other kids.

FOX411: What is it about the way this franchise does superhero movies that keeps you coming back?

Jackman: I think the way X-Men distinguishes itself is that as fun and epic and massive in scale - they are they’re very human actually and relatable. It all kind of started with X-Men, Bryan Singer’s X-Men back in 2000 was when the genre kind of really kicked in again and I think what it showed is, like Nolan did with Batman, you can have a movie which is part fantastical but also about something. You can relate to the characters, to their dilemmas, as well as to the world they are in and it can have something to say.

FOX411: Can there ever be too many superhero movies or is it all supply and demand?

Jackman: For me, supply and demand is about whether something is good. There's never going to be too many good movies... As long as it’s good and it’s evolving. I think what this movie shows is we're not just doing the same thing again, it feels like it's evolving, it feels fresh, it feels like a fresh beginning and as long as it does that and continues to do that, they'll still be around.

FOX411: Who would you see playing the younger you on screen and the older you in the big screen version of your life?

Jackman: Let’s start with the first one, I'm not going to make it that easy for Fox to replace me and start actually giving them the options., they'll be listening to this interview going that's a good idea actually get rid of that Jackman! The older me… Clint Eastwood. Let's say Clint.

FOX411: Going forward where are you most comfortable… stage or screen.

Jackman: I love it all.  Theater is really where I came from so it's something I always want to do, but I'm now as comfortable in all those arenas. So I'm greedy and I like to do them all, as much as I can until the door starts slamming on me I'll just try and keep rotating around.