Hip-hop meets the Bible: Rapper shares his message

It’s hip-hop meets the Holy Scriptures. Rapper Marcus “FLAME” Gray, a St. Louis, Mo., native, is spreading the Gospel through rap music and hip-hop culture. Flame joined Lauren Green after releasing his seventh album “Royal Flush” on October 1.

FLAME was a rebellious teenager who spent his early years partying. Things got so bad for the rapper that he was kicked out of his high school after getting involved with drugs. On his way to orientation at his new school, FLAME was involved in a car accident. He was struck by an 18-wheeler three times, shattering the entire left side of his body.


After the life-altering experience, FLAME began a life of redemption and looked toward his Christian faith. He got a degree in biblical counseling to help him better understand Jesus.

FLAME’s passion for music helped inspire him to renew his love for religion.

“I love the experience that music offers, you can go through the imagination,” said FLAME. “As I was influenced by music, I wanted to contribute back what I was influenced by … academia came later and wanted to be more skilled in communicating a Christian world view through my music.”

FLAME saw an opportunity - he could be a musician and also preach his love for God through his music.

“I wanted to be able to speak to them [the audience] from an authoritative perspective and offer hope and offer insight … and show them relevance to an ancient book [the Bible],” said FLAME.  Through this viewpoint the artist wanted to bring “those aspects together.”

FLAME drew inspiration from second Peter 1:3 in the Bible when he wrote his new single “All In.” In the song, he raps, “King Jesus gave us everything on that tree … gave us everything when He died … gave us the winning hand when he rose 2nd Peter one three all things.”

FLAME says the Biblical passage was influential when writing the song. “The Bible’s arguing is that God has equipped us … with every aspect we need to live a successful holy Christian life.”

The rapper says he thanks his grandmother for helping him get to where he is today.

“She really helped me understand the world and how to process ideas,” said FLAME. “When she passed away that really got my attention and shifted the direction of my life.”

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