Hilary Duff's Leathery Cut-Out Dress and Melt Shop's Monstrous Breakfast Sandwich

Here's what everybody keeps going on about:

Earlier this week, Hilary Duff wore a cut-out leather dress to the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Vegas (below), inadvertently inventing an entirely new form of cleavage in the process: the innerboob-underboob.

NYC's Melt Shop serves up decadent grilled cheese sandwiches all day long — especially at breakfast. Check out the video above to watch them whip up their most popular a.m. offering, the Melt Shop Breakfast, which is basically an entire breakfast menu stuffed into a cheese sandwich. Your arteries won't thank you, but your tastebuds will.

Lindsay Lohan posed for the cover of Time Out London wearing a blazer emblazoned with the pattern of the U.K. flag. And she also decided not to wear a shirt underneath, just in case anybody across the pond has yet to see her innerboob. (Hey, it's catching on!)

Last week at a club in West Hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio grabbed a microphone and rapped a verse from the hip-hop classic "Scenario" in front of a large audience of partygoers. He wasn't wonderful, but in his defense, he might just be studying up for some kind of biopic about A Tribe Called Quest. (Oh wait, he is.)

Jessica Simpson told "Access Hollywood" that hubby Eric Johnson "split his pants completely in half" during their wedding ceremony when he bent over to pick up their son (see the interview below). However, Simpson neglected to mention if she inserted a comically loud fart noise at that exact moment of their wedding video.

Charlie Sheen has told the producers of "Two and a Half Men" that he's "available" to come back for the show's final season. But in case you're not aware, Sheen's character was killed by a train years ago, making the notion of returning utterly impossible, not to mention extremely stupid.

On Monday, 46-year-old actress Ashley Judd stepped out in New York City wearing a tighter-than-tight bandage dress to promote her new film "Dolphin Tale 2." Coincidentally, this bandage dress is the only thing she was good in since 1996's "A Time to Kill." (Hiyooooooooo!)

After a concert in Belgium with Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga went out to a jazz club in a completely sheer dress with nothing but a thong underneath. (There's a pic below, though the lighting obscures the racier portion). But seeing as she might be the last woman attracted to Bennett, perhaps she started out with a bra, then simply threw her undergarments on stage during one of his songs.

Eleven months after announcing their split, Kris Jenner has finally filed for divorce from Bruce Jenner. Probably because Bruce exhibited so much raw animal sexuality in this past year, and it was hard for Kris to finally pull the trigger.

Despite what he describes as a "massive" flirtation, Kenny Rogers recently claimed that and Dolly Parton never slept together because he didn't want to ruin their "electric" friendship. This is all probably news to Dolly, who quite possibly never wanted to sleep with Rogers in the first place.

Kenan Thompson is rumored to be retiring from "Saturday Night Live" after its upcoming 40th season, leaving most casual viewers without a single castmember whose name they remember. (Wait, there's that one guy with the face. Gary or something. He's alright.)

Elvis Presley's granddaughter, Riley Keough, has just been cast in Steven Soderbergh's upcoming STARZ series "The Girlfriend Experience," most likely playing a high-priced call girl. But her character could probably charge a lot more if she told people she was Elvis's granddaughter.

And finally, it was recently revealed that our newest Miss America, Kira Kazantsev, was once kicked out of a sorority for a hazing incident. Kazantsev said she suggested pledges spend a few "sleepless nights crafting," which actually sounds more like torture than hazing, so yes, take her crown away and lock her up.