Hannah Davis Poses For Maxim, Taylor Swift Gives a Wedding Speech, and Much, Much More

Here's what's happening:

• Just weeks after her latest appearance in the SI Swimsuit Issue, Hannah Davis can now be seen in a skimpy pictorial for Maxim's March issue (above). Maxim, however, has chosen to outfit Hannah in nothing but tattered rags, presumably because her SI contract forbids her from wearing swimwear in any competing publication.

• Speaking of Davis, we recently asked Hannah herself about her controversial Sports Illustrated cover (), and also about the moment she found out she had landed the coveted spot. Watch our exclusive interview below for more, and also to see some shots of Hannah in actual swimwear:

• The Rolling Stones have announced that they'll be performing a free concert in Havana at the end of March. The historic event will mark the first time the rockers have ever played Cuba, and probably only about the 18th time that Keith Richards thinks he's played Cuba.

• Taylor Swift's best friend Britany Maack, whom you don't know, has shared a video montage of her wedding to Benjamin LaManna, whom you also don't know, that features snippets from Swift's thoughtful maid of honor speech. It's a pretty long video, so feel free to skip ahead to Swift's speech starting at about 6:33 (and continuing at 7:42), because, again, you don't know these other people.

• On Tuesday's episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," Kris Jenner admitted that she's confused by Caitlyn Jenner's plans to date men, because, for as long as she's known "Bruce," he's only been attracted to women. Then again, "Bruce" had also been living with the wrong genitalia in his pants for as long as Kris knew him, so maybe Caitlyn's a little confused too, OK?

• In honor of their 100th publication, V magazine has released three different covers for their Spring double-issue, each featuring a different photo of Britney Spears (see one below). Or, perhaps more accurately, each cover features a different photo of an unnaturally waxen pod-person that now answers to "Britney Spears."

• Speaking of people who look the same as they did decades ago, we recently had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Lori Loughlin about Netflix's new "Fuller House" series. Watch the clip below for proof that Lori hasn't aged a day, probably without the aid of a body-snatching pod-person:

• Professional dancer Derek Hough is not expected to return for the next season of ABC's "Dancing With the Stars," with sources telling Us Weekly that he'd like to focus on his acting instead. Coincidentally, Disney has recently announced that they're casting for "High School Musical 4," so we fully expect Hough to show up as the hip new (limber) drama teacher who lets the cool students eat lunch in the auditorium.

• And finally, Nickelodeon is planning to produce a TV movie based on "Legends of the Hidden Temple," which was an early-'90s game show that challenged contestants to archaeology-themed stunts and quizzes. That said, we can only hope the inevitable scene featuring the mighty Olmec will be somewhat less insufferable than it was on the series.