Gwyneth Paltrow: Chris Martin is ‘like my brother’

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Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin still spend a lot of time together even though they “consciously uncoupled” last year.

The actress told Glamour the two still stay at each other’s places, but not in a romantic way.

“Last night he got in at midnight and slept here so he could surprise the kids in the morning, we could all have breakfast, and he could take them to school. So…we’re not living together, but he’s more than welcome to be with us whenever he wants,” she said. “And vice versa: I sleep in his house in Malibu a lot with the kids. We’ll have a weekend all together; holidays, we’re together. We’re still very much a family, even though we don’t have a romantic relationship. He’s like my brother.”

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The star admitted she is not sure whether she will get married again one day.

“I don’t know. I guess so. I mean, I believe in marriage. But I’m not even divorced yet! So give me a minute,” she said laughing.

In the meantime, Paltrow is hard at work on her lifestyle brand, Goop. She said she is well aware the brand has its fair share of critics.

“Sometimes I’ll get annoyed if someone’s like, ‘Goop is so expensive.’ I’m like, ‘Have you looked at the website? Have you seen the range of price points? ’Cause we sell things that are $8.’ I’m like, ‘If you want to f--k with me, bring your A-game. At least have all your information.’ Once in a while, if I’m exhausted and overwhelmed, I’ll be like, ‘Ugh, that bugs me,’ or, ‘That hurt my feelings.’ But very rarely.”

The actress said she wants people to understand her parents stopped helping her financially when she turned 18.

“People think, ‘She’s just a rich kid.’ Until I was 18, I was. Then I was broke. I’ve never taken a dime off my parents. I’m completely self-made…. I went to UC Santa Barbara, and when I quit to try to be an actress, my dad was like, ‘That’s great, but I’m not gonna help you’… So I got an apartment with a roommate; I worked as a hostess at a restaurant; I would scrounge quarters to buy Starbucks—and walk there to save gas. I remember once asking my dad for money, like, ‘Please, I’m really stuck. Can you help?’ And he said, ‘You’re more than welcome to come over for dinner.’ That was it,” she recalled. “Those were the days. Enough to know the value of money.”

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