Got game? Fox Sports West Girls are more than just pretty faces

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In the quest to drum up excitement about the launch of America’s new national sports network Fox Sports 1, around 30 genetically-blessed young women have been enlisted to take a 3,800 mile cross-country road trip on the “Fox Sports 1 Fan Express,” a 45-foot long, 56-passenger VIP bus wrapped with the Fox Sports 1 logo and imagery.

But don’t be fooled by their girl-next-door good looks, the Fox Sports West Girls insist they got the gig because of more than just their pretty faces.

“While being attractive is a compliment, it is secondary for us,” Asha assured FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “If you follow us on social media and through any of the games you can see us talking about the games and what is going on, anything happening in the news and we’re very aware of what is happening in sports.”

Some of them are skilled athletes themselves – whether it is in the realm of hockey, swimming, running track or cheerleading – but what got them the job, they say, is their die-hard love of sports.

“What helps us stand out is that we truly are fans. I have grown up a USC fan since I was a little girl and we genuinely are fans and care about our teams and how they are doing,” fellow Fox Sports West girl Taylor said.

At each stop, fans have the opportunity to interact with the ladies, win giveaways and participate in games and contests. The girls can be spotted hopping on and off the bus at stadiums everywhere from Phoenix to St. Antonio to St. Louis, and the bus will park for good in Boston on Aug. 17 when the network hits the airwaves.

However, for some, their most anticipated stop is coming up on Monday – Fort Campbell, KY.

“I know it will be my favorite stop because we are going to spend the day with the military,” Asha enthused. “Show some appreciation for those who serve us.”

And while it comes as no surprise to see scores of male sports fans lining up to have their pictures taken, some women and families are apparently just as eager to meet the Fox Sports 1 promoters.

“We want to be relatable to men, women and younger girls and kids, everyone,” Asha said. “We have gotten some comments from women that we meet when we go out, or on Twitter, telling us ‘it’s cool that there are cool girls that love sports just like I do…’ We want to be relatable across the board.”

Speaking of Twitter, it appears that social media brings out the more, shall we say, devoted of Fox Sports 1 followers.

“We have met some very interesting fans; most of them have been through social media. We have a guy that every morning will tweet all of us girls from every region… at first it was just weird,” Asha added. “But he loves us and supports what we do.”

Danielle Jones-Wesley contributed to this report