Ginnifer Goodwin told to get her Disney addiction 'a little bit under control'

You'd think one of the perks of playing a Disney princess on "Once Upon a Time" would be the ability to go to Disneyland any time your heart desired and blend in with the other Fantasyland characters.

But isn't so, according to Ginnifer Goodwin, who plays Snow White on the Sunday night ABC series. She is a monthly visitor to the Happiest Place on Earth, but before entering, she dons a disguise so she can go about unrecognized and not draw a crowd, or clog up the lines, which, as we all know, are long enough already.

"I don't want to describe my disguises because then I would be busted," Goodwin tells FOX411. And when she isn't wearing a disguises, she is accompanied by bodyguards. "Only because Disneyland is clearly my audience," she says with a laugh. "It's not bodyguards because anybody is going to do anything bad, but Disney, as a company, wants the park-goers to enjoy the park for the park."

If you're hoping for a Goodwin sighting, head over to New Orleans Square and check out the Haunted House, which has been her favorite attraction "since I was a little girl," or possibly the shops along Main Street, because she cops to having a lot of Disney merchandise at her house. So much so, she was recently told, "to get that a little bit under control."

Goodwin is recognized even away from the Magic Kingdom. Her favorite encounter took place in Louisville, KY, a few years back, when she was attending a parade with hubby Josh Dallas, who is also her TV Prince Charming.

"This little girl came up to me -- she must have been about 4 years old -- put her hands on her hips and stared at me. I said, 'Hi,' and she is just staring. She says, 'Are you Snow White?' I said, 'I am Snow White.' She said, 'I knew it. I met you at Disney World last year.'"

One person who won't recognize her from her roles as an actress is her son Oliver, who at 9 months has no clue what his mother does for a living. But Goodwin is planning to keep it that way for decidedly longer, because she and Dallas have banned their son from watching screens of any kind, including digital entertainment, cell phones, iPads, and TV screens until he is school age.

"Thus far, that has been really easy for us with our lifestyle," she says. "He is like the most imaginative 9-month old on the planet. He reads books like you wouldn't believe."

But when the time does come that Oliver gets his introduction to the wonderful world of entertainment, mom has a starring role in the Disney animated film, "Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast," for him to watch.

"For me, working for Disney is the pinnacle," says Goodwin, who plays Fawn, Tink's friend in the DVD/Blu-ray release available on March 5. "I am not towing the company line. I do not think there is better storytelling than the storytelling at Disney… I don't think that anyone else has been able to tell stories with so much heart and such evolved messages and have those stories appeal to such wide audiences, or take such flawed characters and make them so admiral and  relatable at the same time as Disney has."

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