'Fuller House' star Candace Cameron Bure ripped for show's racy storylines

Who knew the "Full House" reboot "Fuller House" would cause such controversy?

Ripped by TV critics who couldn't stand it, the Netflix series is also in trouble with viewers who say it's too racy to be considered family friendly viewing.

“The light swearing and continual sexual innuendos in 'Fuller House' were too much for my 8 and 6 year old daughters who are so obsessed with Full House,” one fan wrote. “I'm hoping season 2 is more family friendly.”

"Another disappointed viewer here," wrote another viewer. "Please make season 2 appropriate for family viewing. I don't want political correctness (same-gender kissing etc), sexual innuendos, masturbation references, sexy dancing, and drinking. I want the cheesy jokes, hugs, and silly scenarios that ‘Full House’ is known and loved for. Please cut the other stuff out.”

And another fan requested that star Candace Cameron Bure, an outspoken Christian conservative, connect more with her faith in season two.

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    “Hope you stand up for your Christian convictions and clean up the language, wardrobe, alcohol references, and multiple love interests story lines. I was disappointed in season 1," the viewer said.

    Pop culture expert Lisa Durden agreed that Bure’s character's behavior could be considered less than chaste.

    “She kisses various random men during her dating escapades, rather than trying to get to know the person in order to forge a committed relationship,” she said. “Not to mention that the entire show is filled with characters drinking, fornicating and all out debauchery.”

    Variety TV reporter Elizabeth Wagmeister says Bure has an easy way to clear the air if she believes necessary to answer her critics.

    “She does have the daily platform of 'The View' where she can talk directly to her Christian fans, if she feels there is any bad blood to clear up," Wagmeister said.

    Bure, 39, told FOX411 in 2015 about the role of God in her family's life.

    “In all things you do, honor the Lord, and in all things you do, work hard,” she said. “It really is all about the effort you put in while keeping your integrity and your character. That’s why first and foremost I want my kids to respect themselves and honor God and to then just work hard. Even if someone hands something to you, it never feels as good as when you’ve earned it yourself.”

    Durden thinks it's important for Bure to bring those values to “Fuller House.”

    “She can't have it both ways," Durden said. "Candace can't claim to be a Christian in her everyday life, then throw her family values under the bus for a role in a TV show.”

    Wagmeister, however, says any press is good press for the reboot, and Netflix has the right to create whatever storylines they want.

    “The public never has to know how many people are actually watching Netflix shows since the company doesn't release ratings, so while backlash from Christian audiences may make a splash in the press or on social media, it's impossible to measure if Christian viewers are actually tuning out,” she said. “Plus, with ‘Fuller House,’ it's been proven that any press is good press -- even with the overwhelming amount of negative reviews, the show landed a Season 2 renewal less than a week after its launch.”

    Our request for a comment from Bure was not returned.