FNM Exclusive: 'Skin Wars' Host Rebecca Romijn Reveals the Funny Reality of Her 'X-Men' Body Paint

As the first Sports Illustrated model to wear a painted-on bikini and the bluest mutant in the X-Men, Rebecca Romijn has had more than just a brush with body painting.

But whereas most models merely dabble in body art, Romijn is still fascinated by the process, and instead of simply washing off the experience, she's helping up-and-coming artists to take their craft to new heights on the latest season of "Skin Wars."

"The artistry is just unbelievable," says Romijn, who serves as the host of GSN's reality competition. "When I give them challenges, their main challenge has to be done in four or five hours, and these painters are doing head-to-toe, 360-degree designs."

"They're nailing it," she adds. "The things these painters come up with blow my mind."

It helps that Romijn knows just how taxing and laborous the body-painting process can be: She's been on the other end of more than a few makeup brushes — and for more than a few hours, too:

"The first time I was painted for Sports Illustrated was a 13-hour paint job, [and] the first time they tested my makeup for 'X-Men,' as Mystique, was a 12-hour paint job," Romijn remembers. "So I would get there at midnight and be painted all night long."

Another unpleasant aspect of wearing blue bodypaint all day long? It tends to leave evidence of your whereabouts.

"I couldn't keep any secrets on 'X-Men,'" laughs Romijn. "I left a lot of blue toilet seats behind."

Watch the clip above for more body art from "Skin Wars," then tune in for all-new episodes every Wednesday night at 10/9c.