FNM Exclusive: Melissa Joan Hart Was Sick of Her Sons' Spider-Man T-Shirts, So Here's What She Did About It

Are you sick of dressing your sons in superhero T-shirts day after day after day?

So is Melissa Joan Hart.

As the busy mother of three young boys, the "Melissa & Joey" actress knows how hard it is to find fun, durable clothes that kids actually want to wear, which is why Hart and her husband launched King of Harts, a clothing company aimed exculsively at boys.

"We felt like we were having a really hard time finding cute, cool boys' stuff," said Hart in an exclusive interview with FNM. "We felt like there was a hole in the market, and we wanted to fill it."

And fill it she has. Nowadays, Hart's brand includes American-made jeans, jackets and flannels, as well as original graphic tees to replace the Hulk- and Spongebob-branded shirts that once filled her kids' dressers.

"We started with graphic tees because we felt like our boys were always wearing Spider-Man," said Hart. "I felt like there weren't enough cute graphic tees with original artwork, so we wanted to start with that."

"It's been such a learning experience, and it's been so gratifying and amazing," she added. "I really feel like I found my niche."

Watch the video above to learn more of Melissa's motivations for starting her own business, then check out a few styles from her King of Harts collections below: