FNM Exclusive: Kim Kimble of 'L.A. Hair' Recalls Funny Prank on Jonathan Antin After His 'Wack' Proposal

The season finale of "L.A. Hair" is just around the corner, and considering all the breakups and shake-ups we've seen this year, "Hair" is heading for one heck of a blowout.

"Season 4 of 'L.A. Hair' is bigger and better because there's more drama, as usual," says celebrity stylist Kim Kimble, whose clients include Beyonce, Oprah, and Mary J. Blige. "We have some great opportunities in the season, and me growing more into my entrepreneurship, and building my brand and my salon.

"But of course, the drama makes it big."

Fans of the show already know the drama Kim is speaking of, which concerns fellow stylist/entrepreneur Jonathan Antin and their proposed partnership over Kim's new wig line.

"He offered me a wack deal," says Kimble of Antin's proposal. "So I thought I'd pay him back by having China, Terry and Dontay put on disguises. And in the middle of the night, they dropped off a hair vending machine in front of his salon."

"When he got there the next day, he was a little upset," she adds. "It was funny to watch."

For more from Kimble, and why she thinks the show has "the best fans in the world," be sure to watch her full interview above.