FNM Exclusive: Billy Ray Cyrus and Madison Iseman Say 'There's Never Been a Show' Quite Like 'Still the King'

Billy Ray Cyrus says there's "never been a show quite like" his new CMT series "Still the King" — and truer words haven't been spoken.

"I play a dysfunctional Elvis impersonator who lies his way into the church, as a preacher," Cyrus tells FNM. And while that premise is enough to sustain an entire season of your average comedy, there's more: Somewhere between the Elvis-impersonating and preacher-impersonating, Cyrus' character (Burnin' Vernon Brown) learns he has a 15-year-old daughter he's never even met.

"[He's] trying to get himself back on the same page, and reconnect with his daughter," adds Madison Iseman, who plays Vernon's teenage kid. "It's got a lot of funny, quirky moments. Lots of them."

Speaking of which, Cyrus himself is no stranger to comedy. He's already showcased his chops as Hannah Montana's wisecracking dad, but his turn in "Still the King" promises to be different from anything we've seen before. For starters, the humor is a bit more grown-up, and the characters are a little more complex (re: Vernon's law-breaking absent father) than in his previous series.

"For me, it was just [about] reinvention, and doing something I've never done before that just seemed totally fun." Cyrus tells us. "Just doing something for the creativity and the love of acting and the art, and being with a team of writers and actors that were so passionate about the project … I just thought this seemed really fun and different, and there's never been a show quite like it."

Watch the rest of our interview with Cyrus and Iseman for a clip from "Still the King" (including a few clips from the series), then catch the premiere this Sunday on CMT.