FNM Exclusive: Amir Arison 'Never Expected' His Character's Arc on 'The Blacklist'

Fans of NBC's hit series "The Blacklist" are no doubt familiar with breakout actor Amir Arison. But as Arison himself admits, he never dreamed his computer-whiz character of Aram Mojtabai would become such a major player on the show.

"I certainly never expected that when I started," he tells FNM in his exclusive interview above. "[Aram] just solved a little something on a computer."

But luckily for Amir (and viewers of "The Blacklist"), he's since become an indispensable part of the show, sharing scenes with the likes of James Spader and David Strathairn.

"It's everything an actor can ask for," Arison says.

And as if we needed any more reason to be stoked for future episodes of "The Blacklist," Amir says the actors are really getting the chance to sink their teeth into their roles this season.

"Characters have been pitted against each other, even though we're all on the same side," explains Arison. "That has fleshed out a whole lot more stakes, and a whole lot more drama, which is really personally fun [and] more exciting as an actor. It gives you more to chew on."

"This is, in my opinion, the most exciting season," he adds.

Watch the rest of Amir's exclusive interview for the inside scoop on tonight's episode, then be sure to tune in for new episodes of NBC's "The Blacklist," airing Thursday nights at 9 p.m. EST/8 p.m CST.