Exclusive look at horror flick 'Phoenix Forgotten'

March 13th marks twenty years since the Phoenix Lights UFO sightings and today Fox News has a first look at a clip from the upcoming found-footage horror flick “Phoenix Forgotten” based on the mysterious phenomenon. The film follows a fictional story of three teens who disappeared after going into the desert to document the incident. It’s told through unseen video from their expedition which resurfaces two decades later.

“The Phoenix Lights were a series of lights that were seen by thousands of people in Phoenix, Arizona back in March of 1997,” Producer and co-writer T.S. Nowlin told Fox News. “They were reported to be basically a triangular formation of lights moving across the city in about a southeast direction. I think today their relevance is just they really remain one of the most famous and convincing and widely seen accounts of a UFO sighting in, at least, American history.”

The film follows a documentary filmmaker and the younger sister of one of the missing teens investigating what happened.

“For us we really wanted the movie to have an authentic feel,” Nowlin said. “We wanted it to have the feel that it really could have happened in our world that this is a real unsolved case, and the audience is invited to follow the breadcrumb trail of evidence left behind.”

Nowlin says they researched as many real life accounts as they could.

“We looked for people who had actually witnessed them or who had already written books or made documentaries about them.”

The film has the backing of one the most famous filmmakers of the sci-fi outer space realm, Sir Ridley Scott (“Alien”, “The Martian”). Scott is part of the project as a co-producer and Nowlin says he was very much involved.

“He was on really, really early in the process and has been a champion for the movie over the past several years.”

“Phoenix Forgotten” is in theaters nationwide April 21st.