EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Lohan Can't Find a New Lawyer, Is Millions in Debt, Sources Say

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Last week, Shawn Chapman Holley of Los Angeles law firm Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kump & Aldisert resigned as Lindsay Lohan’s legal representative just days after L.A Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel sentenced her client to 90 days in jail for violating the terms of her 2007 DUI probation.

But in what is becoming an increasingly messy situation, it seems Holley is, in fact, still her attorney.

Pop Tarts was told exclusively that on Wednesday, the day after the dramatic court hearing, Holley started hearing whispers that Lohan was shopping around for another legal representative and was also informed that Tiffany Feeder-Cohen, who only passed the bar exam in November last year, was making legal calls on Lohan’s behalf.

Although Holley’s decision to bow out of Lohan’s case became public on Thursday, Pop Tarts has learned that she is technically still on the case, as Judge Revel would not accept the resignation until an official replacement had been found, thus Holley is still the “attorney on record.”

But what went wrong between the two?

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According to a source close to the situation, the “Mean Girls” star thinks there is no way she should have to do time behind bars, and is only willing to work with a lawyer who agrees that filing an appeal is the best approach.

“Lindsay is surrounded by all these so-called friends who keep wrapping her in cotton wool and telling her that she did nothing wrong and this is all so unfair and she must file an appeal,” said our insider. “It’s a lost cause, she won’t listen to anybody unless they tell her she is an innocent."

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“Shawn had a very strong plan for Lindsay, as she does all her clients,” added our source. “But Lindsay is prepared to listen to her friends and people that tell her she is innocent, so there was no point in Shawn and Lindsay continuing to try and work together.”

We’re told Lohan’s personal posse worked overtime on the weekend to set up meetings with an array of different attorneys last week. However, strangely enough, several were too “publicity hungry” for her liking. According to TMZ, the troubled actress eventually settled on Chicago-based defense lawyer, Stuart V. Goldberg, over the weekend.

However, a representative for Goldberg called us in the early hours of Monday morning and confirmed that he met with Lohan for seven hours on Saturday, but has since decided to turn down the case – which means Lohan’s intent on finding someone willing to file an appeal is becoming a battle against time.

Worse, according to Santa Monica Criminal Defense Attorney, Steve Cron, Lohan’s unrelenting desire to file an appeal is merely delaying the inevitable.

“Lindsay’s chances of succeeding with an appeal are virtually zero regardless of who her attorney is,” Cron said. “She will waste a lot more money in the process and just be back at where she started.”

And it certainly doesn’t sound as though Lohan can afford to write any more checks, given the speculation that surrounds her dire financial situation.

“She is already a couple of million dollars in debt,” added another source. “She just isn’t living in the real world.”