EXCLUSIVE CLIP: New Show 'Moonshiners' Shows Secrets Behind Illegal Stills

It’s June. In the mountains of Southwestern Appalachia, moonshine season is about to start at the height of corn harvest and the peak of foliage to hide the illegal operations.

Moonshiner Tim, his son JT and his partner ‘Tickle’ search the backwoods for a perfect site to set up his operation, which is easier said than done.

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Along the way, they run into hostile opposition determined to keep them away from his property.  Finally, Tim, JT and ‘Tickle’ set up shop deep in the mountains. Meanwhile, Alcohol Beverage Control Agent Jesse Tate is on the hunt for his first big arrest of the year. But, an aggressive dog and a moonshiner’s web of counter-surveillance thwart Agent Tate’s plans and threaten his safety.

That's the setup for the first episode of the new Discovery Channel show "Moonshiners," which takes you behind the scenes of one America's oldest illegal professions.

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Take a look at the clip as the crew tries to set up a still deep ion the Appalachian woods and divulges a few moonshining secrets.

And do not try this at home!

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"Moonshiners" premieres Tuesday, December 6th at 10PM ET/PT on Discovery.