Emily Ratajkowski's Revealing New Photo, Denise Austin's 10-Week Fitness Program, and Much, Much More

Here's the deal:

Actress, Sports Illustrated model and "Blurred Lines" dancer Emily Ratajkowski shared a topless photo on Instagram a few days back (below). We'd ask why, but upon closer inspection, it's fairly obvious. How else was she supposed to showcase the whimsical inner-lining of her new white hoodie?

After just a few minutes with Denise Austin, it's clear she's got more energy than we previously thought possible — which is why we just had to learn about her new exercise plan. Watch the video above to hear all about it, along with Austin's tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Earlier this week, "Platinum" singer Miranda Lambert and tourmates Gwen Sebastian and RaeLynn all got matching tattoos on their forearms. The three flaunted their new ink in an Instagram post (below), which also doubles as an effective deterrent for angering any of these three ladies. We certainly wouldn't want a punch from any of those large, be-ringed fists.

The thief who stole Lupita Nyong'o's pearl-studded Oscar dress has anonymously returned it to the hotel where it was originally stolen, claiming that the pearls were fake. They were so fake, in fact, that a West Hollywood pawn shop wouldn't even trade us a used ham radio for them!

Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto has cut his hair and shaved his beard for his upcoming role in "Suicide Squad" (below), leading fans to bemoan the loss of Leto's hairy look. Unfortunately for them, there aren't many roles in Hollywood for a for a hirsute leading man, aside from the "Harry and the Hendersons" sequels we've been penning in our free time.

Millionaire entrepreneur and "Shark Tank" panelist Mark Cuban will be playing the president in SciFi's next "Sharknado" sequel, proving that even the most tenuous connection to sharks is enough to land a role in this thing. (Hear that, James Woods? Your two-year tenure on the short-lived CBS dramedy "Shark" wasn't all for naught!)

Netflix has announced the third-season premiere date of "Orange is the New Black" (June 12), but according to NME, actor Jason Biggs will not be reprising his role. So now, the show's main mystery is no longer how or when Piper will be released, but how or why Jason Biggs can afford to turn down regular work.

After earlier remarking that nobody wants to collaborate with her, Kelly Clarkson was invited to sing a series of famous duets with Jimmy Fallon on Monday night's episode of "The Tonight Show" (below). And if Jimmy is reading, we'd just like to say how very heartwarming the segment was. And also that nobody wants to give us a new Mercedes. (Just putting that out there, Fallon.)

On Monday, Julie Chen of "The Talk" revealed that co-host Sara Gilbert and wife Linda Perry welcomed a newborn baby boy over the weekend. The two named their little bundle of joy Rhodes Emilio, perhaps because Rhodes is a beautiful place to visit, and because Emilio is a name you can hang a hat on. And he has!

Jennifer Lawrence is rumored to be starring in Steven Spielberg's next film, an adaptation of war photographer Lynsey Addario's best-selling memoir "It's What I Do: A Photographer's Life of Love and War." And although no one has reported as much, we suspect Spielberg will shorten that title to something more interesting and marquee-friendly, like maybe "Saving Private Ryan, But With Cameras."

And finally, Canadian "Star Trek" fans have found an odd way to honor the late Leonard Nimoy: by "Spocking" the likeness on the country's $5 notes to more closely resemble Spock (below). Surprisingly, Canadian officials have stated that it isn't a crime to "Spock" the nation's currency, but they've yet to comment on the less popular practice of "Shatner-ing" all over a huge stack of money. (So that's probably still illegal.)