Emily Ratajkowski Models Tiny Bikini, Shia LaBeouf is Off the Market, and Much, Much More

Here's what all the buzz is about:

• The other day on Instagram, actress and former Sports Illustrated swimsuit siren Emily Ratajkowski modeled one of the tiniest bikinis we've ever seen her wear (above), which leads us to believe she's not entirely happy with her status as a "former" Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.

• Speaking of former SI models, we recently got the chance to ask Christie Brinkley the question on everyone's mind: "How the ★#!@ do you still look like that at 62?" Watch the video below for her secrets, then go wash your mouth out with soap. There's no need for that kind of language.

• Earlier this month, Shia LaBeouf and girlfriend Mia Goth reportedly revealed to a grocery cashier that they'd gotten engaged.According to Us Weekly, Shia also mentioned it during his 24-hour elevator stunt back in February, but we would've had to watch Shia's 24-hour elevator stunt to know that, so you can't fault us for only reporting on it now.

• This past Wednesday on Instagram, "Grease: Live" actress Julianne Hough shared a paparazzi photo of her sister vomiting off the side of a boat during a family vacation in Mexico (the pic has since been removed). Julianne, too, can be seen capturing the action on camera, because if ever there were a Kodak moment worthy of the family photo album, that was it.

• In the April issue of GQ, international soccer star David Beckham revealed that he gets "physically ill" when he's forced to be away from his kids. Then again, he runs the risk of being physically mauled when he's with them (below), so it's hard to tell which scenario he prefers.

• TIME has released a list of the 30 most influential people on the internet, which recognized Kanye West, Donald Trump and PewDiePie (among other web-savvy celebs) for their achievements in amassing millions of online followers. In other words, your aunt's pitiful recipe blog isn't nearly as influential as she believes it to be.

• In an interview with ABC's "Nightline," Ben Affleck explained that he wanted to play Batman because the Caped Crusader is the one superhero who is "most like us." We tend to agree, too. After all, who among us isn't a billionaire playboy with genius-level intellect and the physique of a young Charles Atlas?

• "Friends" actress Lisa Kudrow revealed that 3M recently sent her a large box of Post-it supplies (below), probably because her character in "Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion" claimed to have invented the Post-it note. That said, we'd like the good people at Apple to know that we've been (falsely) claiming to be the inventors of the iPhone for years!

• On Wednesday, "Time of Our Lives" singer Ne-Yo and his wife Crystal Renay welcomed their first child together, a boy named Prince Shaffer Chimere Smith Jr. Renay, however, has already revealed that she plans to call him "SJ" for short, presumably because she (like most of us) values her precious time.

• In an interview with People magazine, Tom Hanks revealed that he first fell for Rita Wilson after seeing her on a 1972 episode of "The Brady Bunch" (below). But unlike your nerdy cousin Eugene who pined for Marcia Brady from afar, Hanks eventually acquired the fame and resources to meet and marry his "Brady Bunch" crush.

• And finally, singer and entertainer Frank Sinatra Jr. passed away on Wednesday after suffering a cardiac arrest in Daytona Beach, Florida. He was 72.