Emily Blunt prefers working with women

There's an awful stereotype surrounding women that they typically don't get along with each other and that interactions are laced with cattiness. Like all stereotypes, there's really not much truth to it. In fact, in many cases the opposite is true. In actress Emily Blunt's case, she's never really had a problem with the women she's worked with over the years. It's really the men that have been the center of any conflict. As Blunt points out, any stereotypes of women are really just enforced by the media and sexism. Here's what she had to say:

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"I love working with women. We were all talking one day, and Charlize was like, 'Do you know what's funny is I think sometimes, whether it's the media or just society, [people] like to paint the picture that women sort of bitch about each other, and women are competitive and jealous and vying and watchful of each other. And she said, 'And you know, the only issues I've ever had on set have been with a dude.' And I would agree," Blunt told Entertainment Weekly.

She added, "The only time I feel like I've rolled my eyes at somebody I've been working with, it's been a guy. It's just been my experience that I've gotten along with every woman that I've worked with. I have not felt any preciousness or hierarchy or anything like that. I've just never had an issue! And Charlize was [also] like, 'I've never had an issue."

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