Elsa Hosk's Bora Bora Bikini Pic, John Stamos' Possible Prison Sentence, and Much, Much More

Here's what's happening, people:

• On Thursday, Swedish model Elsa Hosk shared a swimsuit snapshot from her Victoria's Secret photoshoot in Bora Bora (above). And judging by Instagram, it would seem that Victoria's Secret has gathered all of their Angels in Bora Bora for this thing, which officially makes Victoria's Secret a better company to work for than your own, especially because your last company conference was held at an Applebee's.

• Speaking of Hosk, the statuesque supermodel stopped by our studios earlier this year to give us a behind-the-scenes look at last February's VS "Swim Special" on CBS (below). It's old news, sure, but why should that stop you from taking a look?

• After his arrest earlier this year, "Grandfathered" actor John Stamos has been formally charged with driving under the influence, which means he could possibly be sentenced to six months in prison. We doubt the judge will be that hard on him, though, because six months is an extra long time for someone as pretty as Stamos.

• GQ has released a few new pics from their November cover shoot with Taylor Swift, both of which capture the singer revealing a smidge more leg and shoulder than she bares on their final cover (see one below). So good news, Swift admirers! If GQ keeps releasing outtakes at this rate, it should only be about 16 more months until we get a good look at her bellybutton.

• In the accompanying GQ interview, Swift also denied that "Bad Blood" was about Katy Perry, first saying that it's about an ex boyfriend before adding that she "never said anything that would point a finger" at "one specific person." In fact, she did just about everything in her power to deny "Bad Blood" was about Perry, stopping just short of claiming it was really about anemia this whole time.

• Earlier this week, Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. announced that they're teaming up for a "Godzilla vs. Kong" film. The movie won't be hitting theaters until 2020, but when it does, it should be a crowd-pleasing battle for the ages, as well as a stark reminder of what happens when kids flush their unwanted sea monkeys or pet lizards down the toilet.

• Kate Hudson posed for the November issue of Allure in two different transparent dresses (see one below), perhaps as a visual metaphor for the open and honest interview she gave the mag, or a metaphor for celebrity vulnerability. Most likely, though, it's probably just a visual metaphor of how rockin' Hudson's body is.

• Earlier this week on "The Tonight Show," actor Vin Diesel revealed that the next "Fast and Furious" film will be set in New York, which means that right now in Hollywood, there's a team of screenwriters trying desperately to think of a reason for Diesel's character to drive a Camaro down the side of the Empire State Building.

• And finally, cereal manufacturer General Mills has announced a convoluted contest to win a special box of Lucky Charms made up of only marshmallows. The rules (as explained by Biz Markie below) specify that entrants photograph themselves holding an imaginary box, share it on social media, and use a special hashtag in the hopes of being chosen. Or, you could just buy a regular box and throw away the oat pieces.