Elizabeth Hurley's Sexy Christmas Card, Netflix's New 'Fuller House' Trailer, and Much, Much More

Here's what everybody's buzzing about:

• The other day on Instagram, "Royals" actress Elizabeth Hurley shared a digital holiday "card" featuring a photo of herself in a bikini, a pair of goggles and a Santa hat (above). And for some odd reason, she chose to picture herself only moments away from being mauled by hungry wolves, so try not to let that ruin her sincere holiday message, OK?

• Speaking of Hurley, we once had the opportunity to ask the "Royals" actress how she keeps her skin so young and fresh. Not only was she willing to spill her secrets, but she had some pretty amazing advice! Watch the video below to hear what it was, but only once you're done ogling her holiday card. (Take your time.)

• Netflix has released the first trailer for "Fuller House" (below), the sequel series to the decades-old ABC sitcom "Full House." It doesn't give a good look at the returning cast (other than the family dog Comet), but at least it confirms that Danny hasn't replaced any furniture or updated his drapes for the past 20 years:

• Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli and her mother were arrested for tax evasion on Thursday, as Israeli authorities suspect she's been lying about living outside Israel when she was actually just staying in fancy apartments leased by her mother. (Kinda makes you rethink using your dad's Costco card on the weekends, doesn't it?)

• Director Pablo Larrain has revealed the first still from his upcoming film "Jackie," which stars Natalie Portman as Jacqueline Kennedy (below). We don't know much about the plot, but we hear this Jacqueline Kennedy woman was a real historical figure, so if anybody knows why she looks so forlorn and lonely, don't spoil it for us!

• On Thursday, Khloe Kardashian revealed on her app that — if given the choice — she would have sex with Bill Clinton over George W. Bush or Barack Obama. But in all fairness, she didn't sound super enthused ("I guess that means I do it with Bill"), so Clinton shouldn't start brushing up on his romantic sax grooves just yet.

• As revealed on Friday morning, Barbara Walters has selected Caitlin Jenner as the year's "Most Fascinating Person" on the 2015 edition of her annual special, which means that Babs has once again ignored our suggestion for the top honor: this McDonald's customer who can mimic a sick dubstep beat with his Coke cup:

• And finally, Kris Jenner has reportedly fired her entire security team after a stranger was able to waltz into her home unnoticed. We think that might've been a little extreme, though; how can these security guards be expected to recognize the difference between an intruder and one of the ever-morphing members of the Kardashian or Jenner clans?