Ed Asner supports Sanders but admits Trump's 'outspokenness is refreshing'

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Ed Asner may be a Bernie Sanders supporter, but he still thinks Donald Trump's bid for the White House has been entertaining and "refreshing."

“I think it’s ridiculous; I wish it were over,” he told FOX411 of the upcoming election. “I wish we had a better choice of candidates. I like Bernie. I am quite delighted that Bernie has made the progress he has and influenced the young people he has.”

Asner, however, didn't have all bad things to say about Trump.

“He is an entertaining big boy. I think in one sense, his outspokenness is refreshing… At the same time when those comments are intemperate and attack little people who can’t fight back then I condemn him.”

Asner is a Hollywood legend, known for his iconic performances in “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” “Rich Man, Poor Man,” “Up,” and even “Elf.”

“It all blends into each other,” Asner said of the many roles he's had. “’Rich Man, Poor Man’ was an epiphany for me. ‘Elf’ was a delight. ‘Up’ was an unbelievable stroke. I think it ranks up at the top for Pixar. and it certainly was a wonderful shot in my arm and butt as to my career, but ‘Elf’ and ‘Up,’ I am down to single syllable names these days.”

The 86-year-old actor won five Emmy’s for his role as Lou Grant on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” which ran for seven years. 

“It was a golden age of television,” Asner said. “It was an age that put me on the map. I still collect respect and honor for my participation as Lou Grant. Life was simpler then, just a few years ago, but life was so much simpler. And I think our movie business, our TV business, is more chaotic now then it was then.”

Asner said Hollywood was very different when he got into showbiz.

“When I came here the studios were still the rulers of the town,” he explained. “Lou Wasserman was the head of Universal but at the same time kind of a spokesperson for the whole town… I can remember when I first came here; I came in '61…It was like the city on the hill, it was the white city. It was gorgeous. The studios and offices were white. It was beautiful. The dining room had pictures of all the MGM stars — [Marlon] Brando was having lunch there. It was like the top of the heap.”

However the actor isn't shying away from today's Hollywood. He is currently doing his one man show, “A Man and his Prostate” and will soon appear in the documentary “Titanic,” based on the book “Titanic: Sinking the Myth.”

“I am eagerly looking forward to it, it’s a docudrama,” he said. “I play the love interest that went down with the ship. There is a lot of hoax to the Titanic and hopefully our docudrama will reveal some of the truth.”