'DWTS' recap: Two celebs are eliminated; one says, 'we have been tortured'

"Dancing with the Stars" gave two celebrities bad news on Tuesday night—and one of the eliminations was a surprise.

Although Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds was sent home as expected after having received the lowest Monday night score, a dismal 18 out of 30, Vanilla Ice also got the cold shoulder.

Although the "Ice Ice Baby" '90s singing icon scored a respectable 23 for his Viennese waltz (with praise from the judges), he, too, got his walking papers on Tuesday.

After the show, Ice told FOX411 it was all good because he got to dance to his trademark hit on week one: "This has been an amazing adventure. This is not the end of it. This is the beginning. We did 'Ice Ice Baby' to a cha cha, that's the greatest thing ever."

Besides, Ice said, he didn't have enough time to devote to "DWTS": "We're relieved, big time. I'm on a world tour right now with a hundred and five shows booked until December 17. I need some sleep. We have been tortured out here….and that torture has also made it one of the greatest experiences ever because we went through the grind…and we've been on these airplanes, practicing in places we shouldn't even be in."

Devoted partner Witney Carson smiled, "I learned that tour life is not as glamorous as everybody thinks."

Music titan Edmonds had a rough time on Cirque du Soleil night on Monday, seeming to be stumbling around and not all there.

It was "like watching Poltergeist," Judge Bruno Tonioli quipped.

Backstage after the elimination, Edmonds, with his partner Allison Holker by his side, told reporters, "It was very unfortunate. I don't know who that dude was that was [dancing]…..It's sad because I know we won't be able to do other things I knew Allison was going to teach me and whip me into being even a better dancer.

"Things that I did learn are still unbelievable. I still have friends and family still calling saying, 'I cannot believe you did that.' So I feel good. I know that I made my mom proud. Being part of it puts you in a special crew of ["DWTS"] people," the music producer said.

Meanwhile, after the show, longtime pro dancers Sasha Farber and Emma Slater, who got engaged on camera during the live results show, showed off the pink sapphire ring he gave her.

Farber, who is teamed with Terra Jole this season, got down on one knee after the couple had performed an exhibition dance and she said yes.

Farber said the proposal was in the works, "a very, very long time. I was a little bit nervous when we were doing the dance, thinking it might fall out of my pocket, this could be horrible."

Slater said, "It turns out a lot of people in production knew and I didn't know at all and they must have kept it a really good secret because wardrobe had to sew a pocket in his outfit and then I was wondering why I had a microphone because I was like, 'I'm not going to talk' and they were, like, 'Tom [Bergeron] is going to ask you a question' and I'm like, okay…we happened to be dancing to 'our' song, Bruno Mars' 'Just The Way You Are' and I didn't put it together."

However, the couple admitted to reporters that Slater did know a proposal would be coming soon—because she had picked out her ring!

"She actually went shopping and she picked it. I spoke to her sister and her sister told me where it's from and I went there and got it straightaway," Farber said.

Slater told FOX411, "We've been together five and a half years. We bought a house recently and it feels like the natural progression. My mum said to me once marriage should feel natural and not like a surprise. It should be expected and that's when it's right."

Turrning to Farber, she said, "It's already felt like I've been your fiancé, your wife, for years.

"It feels like I'm going to marry my best friend."

The two expect to be engaged about a year so they can plan their wedding.

Slater pointed out as she's from England, Farber is Australian, and they live in Los Angeles, "It's going to be really hard" to make plans.

But they know they're the perfect match. Slater said, "We are completely different. In all the ways that he's calm, I'm not…I can be quite highly strung sometimes, I get anxiety…and then Sasha calms me down."