Drake looks horrified after Madonna kisses him on stage

She’s never been one for holding back when it comes to raunchy on-stage kisses with the opposite — or same — sex.

But Madonna wouldn’t have been expecting the horrified reaction of Canadian singer Drake when she unexpectedly French-kissed him while performing at Coachella.

After belting out her classic song of female empowerment "Express Yourself," the 56-year-old pop legend pulled the 28-year-old singer back in his chair to plant a heavy kiss on his lips.

To the screams of fans, the pair made out for at least three seconds.

What Madonna didn’t see was the shocked musician’s horrified expression after she went in for her mega kiss, even wiping his mouth afterwards.

Dressed in thigh-high black boots and a T-shirt bearing the slogan “Big as Madonna”, the mother of four was in typical feisty form as she promoted her album "Rebel Heart."

Perhaps the age difference of almost 30 years was a bit too much for the seriously unimpressed Drake — who has dated pop diva Rhianna — to handle.

This article originally appeared on News.com.au