Devon Windsor's Underwear-Based Announcement and the Waldorf Astoria's Signature Salad Recipe

Here's a look at what's going on out there:

On Monday evening, a whole slew of popular lingerie models confirmed their participation in this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Arguably the most creative was Devon Windsor, who decided to announce the news via Instagram in an underwear-based message across her butt (below). This is truly future of journalism:

Love a good Waldorf salad? You're in luck, because the Waldorf Astoria's executive chef just gave us  for their signature dish. Watch the video above and whip up a few for dinner tonight.

Judging by all the Instagram photos she shared on Tuesday (see the tamest one below), Rihanna will be pretty much naked in the December issue of Esquire magazine. Granted, she's not quite as naked as she was in the May issue of Lui, but she's decidedly more naked than her recent spread in GQ. So take that, GQ!

Nicole Kidman arrived for Tuesday night's BMI Country Awards ceremony in Nashville wearing a mullet dress that showcased her extremely long legs and made husband Keith Urban look diminutive by comparison. (Even moreso than usual!)

Taylor Swift's new album "1989" sold over 1.2 million copies in its first week, officially giving her the best sales week of any artist since 2002, when Eminem sold 1.3 million copies in the span of seven days. Apparently, we really like blonde people who sing about their dysfunctional past relationships. (And Taylor celebrated by lip-synch rapping, below).

According to Us Weekly's sources, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are currently expecting their first child. If it's true, it's great news for the couple. But if it's false, it's great news for Joey Fatone, seeing as he will retain his title as the second most popular offspring to come out of *Nsync.

On Monday, Kim Kardashian turned up for her little sister Kendall's birthday party with completely bleached eyebrows (below), noting in the caption that she dyed them for a photoshoot. We're not sure which photoshoot, but if we had to guess, we'd say a spread in Fangoria.

The nominations for the 2015 People's Choice Awards were announced on Tuesday morning in Los Angeles, just in time to distract us from the day's midterm elections. So try not to worry if your preferred representative didn't win; there's still time to vote for Nathan Fillion as for your Favorite Crime Drama TV Actor!

According to People, Robert Downey Jr's wife Susan gave birth to a daughter earlier this week. This makes Downey a father for the third time, or maybe just the once, because we don't think they can take that title away from you after the first one, really.

On Tuesday, Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland also welcomed a little baby boy. She named the child Titan Jewell, presumably after the aborted space shuttle mission we just made up.

Less than two months after giving birth, Scarlett Johansson debuted her skinny post-baby body at a movie screening in New York on Monday night. But we're pretty sure she didn't bring the kid, because no matter how good she looks, nobody would put up with a newborn wailing away in the back row.

And finally, the International Paruresis (shy bladder) Association has publicly come out against a new DirecTV commercial in which a shy version of Rob Lowe can't pee in a public bathroom. So if DirecTV wants to avoid any further confrontation, they should yank the ad from TV. Or just hide in a public bathroom until this all blows over. Either/or.