Country duo The Swon Brothers are bringing message of faith to their new music

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The Swon Brothers rose to fame on season four of "The Voice." Now, the former Team Blake duo released their self-titled debut album this week and they told FOX411 Country that they're excited for their fans to hear their unique sound and message of faith.

"I would say our faith is the number one thing in our life 100 percent," Colton Swon told FOX411. "It's just the way we were raised and that will never change."

The brothers pointed out that they're not the first ones in country music to sing faith-based songs. In fact, the Oklahoma natives' childhood neighbor Carrie Underwood also recently released a hugely successful Christian/country song "Something in the Water."

"I don't think that's something new to country music," Zach Swon told FOX411. "It started with Hank Williams in 'I Saw the Light' and you know, we're not the first or last to have songs with that message it's just part of who we are."

Growing up in a small town, the brothers finally got their big break on "The Voice." With their newfound fame, they rely more than ever on their faith.

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"I think definitely your faith can be challenged at any point in your life no matter what you're doing," said Colton. "But I think there's just a lot to be said about knowing who you are and where your roots are and I think if you stick with those you'll be just find no matter what you're doing."

The Swon Brothers also said the secret to their success is staying true to their roots, something their "Voice" mentor Blake Shelton told them.

"I think [Blake's] biggest piece of advice is just be authentic," said Zach. "If you want to have a career in country music you need to get yourself some country music fans."

The brothers said they talk to Shelton now more than when they were on "The Voice," and that their mentor was instrumental in helping shape their new album.

"I think we owe a lot to 'The Voice' and Blake Shelton and I never want to break away from that because it doesn't matter how big we may or may not get, I'm always going to owe them," Zach said. "It was a game changer for us but I do think 'The Voice' is us singing other people's songs and this is us finally putting out our own material."

The country duo saw huge success with their lead single "Later On" and are nominated for a CMA Award for Country Duo of the Year.

"We are so pumped the album is finally out," we've waited probably 16 years for this record to come out," Colton Swon told FOX411. "The sound of this record gets back to great melodies and harmony-driven lines."

Noticeably abset from the album are songs about partying and drinking, two themes that are extremely popular in country music today.

"We are by no means perfect people, but it's good to have a stance on where you're at...and our music reflects that," Zach said of their song choices. "I think there's something to be said about just separating yourself and staying different and being yourself."

Watch the video above to see what secrets the Swon Brothers spilled about each other.

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