Cooking with 'Friends': Rob O'Neill's Spicy, Creamy Deer Pig

Growing up in Montana, former Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill spent a lot of time hunting with his Dad. For his family Spicy, Creamy Deer Pig was a “recipe of necessity,” using what they had in the fridge to create a delicious dish.


1 lb. venison (Elk, deer, moose, any will do)
1 package of bacon
1 c. cream cheese
1 jar of sliced, hot jalapeños
Italian dressing
Worcestershire sauce
10-14 skewers

Cut the venison into strips lengthwise, making about 10 – 14 strips.
Mix appropriate amounts of Worcestershire, A1 and Italian dressing into a large bowl. Grandma used the “eyeball” method. Marinate the venison in this for about 1 hour in the refrigerator.
Pre-heat the grill to medium.
Lay out the proper amount of bacon, one strip of bacon per strip of venison. Place one piece of venison on top of each piece of bacon. Put a cube, about 1 tablespoon, of cream cheese on one end of each strip. Top each cube of cream cheese with one jalapeño. Roll each one up like a small, bacony fire-hose and secure with a skewer.
Grill on one end for 7-10 minutes, turn and cook until the bacon is crisp.