Comeback Chaos: 'Who would be surprised if the next headline says ‘Lindsay Lohan Dead?''

At 4:00 am on Thursday morning, Lindsay Lohan was arrested outside a New York bar for allegedly punching a female patron in the face.

On the same day, the Santa Monica City Attorney charged the troubled actress with three crimes – giving false information to a police officer, obstructing or resisting an officer in the performance of his duty, and reckless driving – all stemming from a June accident in which her car rear-ended an 18-wheeler.

Her four-charges-in-two-states-on-one-day grand slam happened while Lohan was on probation from a jewelry-theft conviction, which could mean her probation will be revoked when she's arraigned in California next week.

But a source close to Lohan told us they doubt her latest troubles will have any impact on the troubled star.


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“Nothing really registers with Lindsay. She lives in some sort of fantasy land,” the insider said. “She knew before she went out clubbing on Wednesday night that the Santa Monica City Attorney was going to charge her for lying, and yet she still went out. Something is really wrong there.”

Lohan was considered a major risk when Lifetime took the chance on hiring her to star in last week's TV movie "Liz & Dick," and that was before all this happened.

So who would hire her now?

“We're in a risk-averse era, and Lindsay unfortunately has increased her perceived risk in both the production and publicity arenas,” film producer Gary Michael Walters, who worked with Lohan on the 2006 RFK drama “Bobby” and praised her both personally and professionally, told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “Financers and insurance companies can't afford interruptions in production, and you don't want the personal lives of your actor to overshadow your marketing and publicity campaign for you film.”

“Insurance is going to be a huge problem for a long time. It doesn’t even matter if you think she is a bad actress or not, until she can prove to a court that she has her life back on track no studio is going to go anywhere near her,” noted legal expert Wendy Feldman. “I don’t know a single studio that would hire her at this point.”

Several Hollywood heavyweights said Lohan’s barely-there career means only independent production companies would be interested in her, and they typically can’t afford high insurance costs.

“She's still insurable,” said producer Mark Joseph. “But is it with the hassle and the expense?”

Los Angeles-based attorney Anahita Sedaghatfar concurred that Lohan isn’t totally uninsurable – it’s just her insurance premium will be exorbitant. And in the wake of her performance in the made-for-television Lifetime movie “Liz & Dick,” in which critics slammed her acting abilities, chances are Lohan’s talents might not be worth the financial strain.

“She has proven over and over that she is a liability," Sedaghatfar said.

“To say Lindsay is a train wreck would be a compliment. She is seemingly in trouble every five minutes and who would be surprised if the next headline says ‘Lindsay Lohan Dead?’" crisis management expert and CEO of the New York-based firm 5WPR, Ronn Torossian, said. "I don’t think the best public relations agencies in the world could rehab her image until she stays out of the headlines for a very, very long time and actually does something with her career.”

Could Lohan somehow parlay her wild ways into different kinds of roles, akin to Charlie Sheen making bank on his drug- and alcohol-loving persona?

“I don’t think her being arrested at 4am outside a New York nightclub does anything to her image – it’s what the public expects of Lindsay Lohan," Torossian said. "One expects a clown at the circus; one expects Lindsay Lohan to get arrested.”

A rep for Lohan referred queries to her legal team, who did not respond to a request for comment.