CNN bashes Melania Trump, says she ‘continues to whine’ about being first lady

CNN took some shots at first lady Melania Trump on Wednesday night after she expressed bemusement over the press coverage of her and her family.

When asked by Fox News’ Sean Hannity about what has been the “hardest” thing she has dealt with as first lady, Mrs. Trump responded by saying the “opportunists” who use her and her family to “advance themselves,” which she listed comedians, journalists and authors.

“It doesn’t hurt,” the first lady told Hannity. “The problem is they’re writing the history and it’s not correct.”

On “Tonight with Don Lemon,” CNN global affairs analyst Susan Glasser said that she was “struck” by Mrs. Trump’s comments.

“First of all, she has this incredible air of aggrievement,” Glasser told CNN anchor Don Lemon. “Here is this extraordinary story of a woman who came to this country as an immigrant, as a model, and is now the first lady of the United States and you would think in her rare public appearances, you know, that some terrible wrong has been done to her in this country. I’ve always been surprised by that air of grievance that she carries very publically with her.”

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Later on in the program, CNN contributor Joan Walsh echoed Glasser’s sentiment, saying Mrs. Trump “continues to whine” about being first lady.

“I’m sure privately, you’re allowed to grouse, but you know, if Michelle Obama had done half of the complaining that she has done in her limited interviews… she’d be skewered,” Walsh said. “I mean, there’s just a constant sort of pity party whenever she gets in front of a microphone.”

CNN contributor Rob Astorino pushed back at the comparison between the first ladies, insisting that Mrs. Obama “didn’t need to complain” since the press “loved her.”

“When she was first lady, she realized it’s a high honor to be first lady,” Lemon told the panel.

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Like her husband, Mrs. Trump has had a tense relationship with the media, receiving negative coverage on everything from what she wears to how she decorates the White House for Christmas.

Melania generously brushed off the mainstream press' criticism of her White House Christmas decorations and invited everyone to check them out in person.

"It’s the 21st century and everybody has different tastes, I think they look fantastic,” the first lady said in November. “I hope everybody will come over and visit it. In real life, they look even more beautiful. You’re all very welcome to visit the White House.”