Charlotte McKinney's L.A. Dodgers Uniform, Kim's Birthday Surprise for Kanye, and Much, Much More

Here's what everyone is gabbing about at the water cooler:

• GUESS model Charlotte McKinney (formerly of "Dancing With the Stars" and that Carl's Jr. commercial where she's practically naked) participated in the Hollywood Stars Night Game at Dodger Stadium on Saturday (below). Reports don't indicate how well she did, but we'd honestly be surprised if she wasn't offered a contract based solely on how well she wears a Dodger's jersey:

• McKinney looks great in swimwear too, as she recently proved in her amazing new GUESS campaign. That said, it's almost unthinkable to learn that nobody wanted to sign her when she was starting out in Miami. Watch the video above to learn more about McKinney, and to check out some sizzling shots from her that GUESS campaign we mentioned just now.

• Sports Illustrated model Hannah Davis arrived the Spike TV Guys Choice Awards on Sunday wearing a sparkly strapless minidress that looked to be tighter than tight (below). The "guys" at Spike TV also honored Davis with something called the "Our New Girlfriend" award, which we take to mean that they spent a lot of lonely nights getting intimate with her 2015 magazine cover.

• As a surprise for her husband's 38th birthday, Kim Kardashian rented out the Staples Center in L.A. so Kanye West could play basketball with friends (including Justin Bieber and Tyga) and NBA athletes (including Russell Westbrook and John Wall). However, it's unknown whether Kim fixed the game so her husband wouldn't be humiliated by a bunch of people half his age at his own freakin' birthday party.

• Former "Full House" star Dave Coulier (also of Netflix's upcoming "Fuller House") claims he's known Ciatlyn Jenner's secret "for 25 years" because Jenner used to be friends with his ex. So now that we know "Full House" was a den of carefully kept secrets, we hope the FBI starts questioning the girl who played Kimmy Gibler about the Kennedy assassination. (She knows something. We can feel it.)

• Speaking of Caitlyn Jenner, Clint Eastwood made a joke about her during the Sunday taping of Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards that will reportedly be cut from next week's broadcast. However, Spike TV is probably still planning to air the part where they publicly tell a Sports Illustrated model that they dream about her in their sweaty lustful fantasies. (See above.)

• After teasing an "amazing" announcement from Beyonce on their Monday morning show, "Good Morning America" merely aired a pre-taped segment in which the singer plugged her "22-Day Revolution" meal plan (below). Their next amazing announcement? If history is any indication, it's probably a self-indulgent Pop-Tart commercial during the 8–9 a.m. hour.

• Oscar-nominated actress Cary Mulligan is reportedly expecting her first child with husband Marcus Mumford, the lead singer of English folk-rock band Mumford & Sons. So hopefully, Mulligan and Mumford will actually produce a son, if only to bring an end to (childless) Marcus Mumford's false advertising all these years.

• Over the weekend, Katharine McPhee performed at the American Cancer Society's 2015 Birthday Ballat in Bevery Hills wearing a kinda sheer-ish dress (below). On second glance, we're actually not so sure if it's sheer, or if the light is just catching it weird. On the other hand, we are absolutely sure we don't know what a "ballat" is.

• As reported by Deadline, Netflix has acquired the rights to an upcoming satyrical war movie starring Brad Pitt. The film, called "War Machine," will star Pitt as a "rock star" military general serving in Afghanistan, so it should be a nice change of pace after playing a rock-star military lieutenant in "Inglorious Basterds" and a rock-star military sergeant in "Fury." Actors don't like to be typecast, after all.

•  Miley Cyrus posed nude with her pet pig Bubba Sue (who was also nude) for the summer music issue of Paper magazine (below). The pig, however, appeared to at least take a bath and run a comb through its hair before arriving on set:

• Jennifer Lopez is being sued by a Moroccan "educational group" for staging too-sexy of a performance at the Mawazine World Rythyms International Music Festival in Rabat, Morocco. They claim she "disturbed public order and tarnished women's honor and respect" during the late May show, though they should really be angry at the producers for booking Lopez in the first place. Did they not see that video where she's rubbing her wet butt on that other girl's wet butt?

• After her Monday night concert in London, Lady Gaga greeted Prince Harry backstage at Royal Albert Hall wearing only a see-through getup and silver pasties (below). )Was it an inappropriate outfit to greet royalty? Maybe. Then again, maybe Gaga was just trying to make Harry feel at ease. After all, everybody's already seen him nude.

• And finally, as reported by, Pizza Hut is planning to bring their fabled hot-dog-stuffed pizza to the U.S. market. This particular pizza/frankfurter offering had previously been available in Canada, Australia and the U.K., but on June 18th, it will finally be where it really belongs: firmly lodged in the colons of good ol' American consumers.