Carlos Danger's, err, Anthony Weiner's sext partner Sydney Leathers shows almost all in new photos

She's got a hot thong — but he's the butt of the joke!

Anthony Weiner's latest sexting partner sent the horny mayoral candidate photos of her buxom bottom in pink panties — and dozens of other steamy foot fetish photos on Facebook, she claims.

Sydney Elaine Leathers, 23, sent the sultry selfie — in which she's bent over sporting the lacy undies in a bathroom — along with shots of her glittery gold heels in exchange for nude photos of Weiner, according to TMZ.

Leathers reportedly sent Weiner up to 30 images of herself last summer, one year after Weiner had allegedly kicked the habit of sending sexually explicit text messages to women he doesn’t know and his resignation from Congress.

The married Weiner also apparently has a Rex Ryan-esque love of feet, according to TMZ, and Leathers provided at least one picture of herself in a pair of sparkling, sexy pumps.

The horny politician asked her for 30 photos during their six-month affair — often requesting shots of her feet in heels, Leathers told TMZ.

Sexy feet are a fetish of Weiner’s, who fantasized about meeting her in a “hotel room and you are at the end of the bed naked except for some amazing (expletive) shoes,” according to text messages revealed earlier this week.

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