Some ‘Bachelor’ fans visit their favorite gossip sites for spoilers dishing about the last-standing men and women each season.

Matchmaker Christina Bloom simply examines the contestants’ face, because to her, the key to finding out whom current Bachelor Sean Lowe considers wife material is through the women’s eyes, noses and ears.

To Bloom, the more a couple looks alike, the more compatible they will be.

Bloom is the founder of FindYourFaceMate.com, a dating website that matches singles using facial recognition software.

“People would tell [my ex-boyfriend and me] we looked a lot alike. I thought that it was a little odd, but then I started observing couples and was kind of amazed at how many of them look similar," she told FOX411.

In addition to working on her website, Bloom decided to take a stab at ‘The Bachelor’ to see how well she would do.

After the first episode of Lowe’s season, which aired Jan. 7, Bloom and her team got to work comparing his face with those of the contestants vying for his love. In addition to facial chemistry, they also take into consideration style, values and personality.

“Sean is very quiet and he doesn’t want a showy girl,” she said.  “He is also religious.”

Ready for Bloom’s top picks?

After narrowing the field down to four -- Desiree Hartsock, Lindsay Yenter, Catherine Giudici and AshLee Frazier -- Bloom believes Frazier is the strongest match for Sean.

Coincidentally, notorious ‘Bachelor’ blogger Reality Steve has the same top four, but claims Giudici will be the winner of Lowe’s heart.  He also posted his picks -- which are usually very accurate -- back on Dec. 12.

Did Bloom sneak a peek?

“My assistant actually found [Reality Steve’s picks] after we had finished our own predictions and we thought [the similarity] was pretty wild,” she said.

Is the FaceMate method legitimate? Nutty? Judge for yourself.