Break Time: Heidi Klum takes another nude selfie, this time in classy black and white

Welcome to another edition of Break Time, your compendium of all things interesting posted on the Internet in the past 12-24 hours or so, give or take.

Heidi Klum reveals all on Instagram. Again. She cannot help herself.

Avril Lavinge's new video features her kissing Winnie Cooper. OH COME ON!!!

As wedding season is near its close, may we celebrate the best photobombs on the Web? Yes, we may.

P.Diddy, aka Puff Daddy aka Sean Combs aka Whatever is being sued by a former intern for making him get his coffee! I don’t think this entitled youngster understands what being an intern means.

More On This...

A man who dubs himself Boobsman goes around Poland feeling up women on the street. If I were a superhero I would name myself Fiesty Fighter and serve him a little vigilante super hero justice. Creep.

Little girl leaves on cell phone during her anchor mom’s live broadcast. Someone is soooooo grounded.

School librarians break their own rules and create utter Sabotage.

Gabrielle Reese is a sexy mother!

You’ve heard of getting the stink-eye but have you ever been the recipient of the pug-eye? One of the funniest Vine videos to date.