‘Big Bang Theory’ recap: Mystery bully haunts Sheldon

Sheldon and company learned all about the evils of the Internet tonight. It started after Leonard proposed a new theory to Sheldon, who takes the idea and runs with it, staying up all night to write a paper. Afterwards he is of course calling it “their idea” and suggesting they publish it to ensure that they’re the ones credited for the discovery. The guys receive plenty of positive feedback, but it only takes one negative comment for Sheldon to get worked up.

Ignoring the anonymous, hateful comments posted by idiots online is generally Internet 101, but Sheldon just can’t shake his feelings and before long finds himself feuding with the Internet troll who has begun ripping them apart. Leonard explains that the only people who do this sort of thing are cowards who hide behind their anonymity, too fearful to say anything like that in real life. Sheldon replies that he can’t imagine being afraid to speak his mind, which warrants a major eye roll from the guys. Its also what drives Sheldon to challenge his hater to a face-to-face meeting.

Of course this violates the second rule of the Internet which is, never meet a stranger. When his opponent attempts a Skype call, Sheldon shuts his laptop out of fear. Its only when they decide they have nothing to hide that they confront the bully head on and get a major surprise. The Internet troll in question is none other than Stephen Hawking, who actually likes the paper a lot. He just gets bored sometimes.

Meanwhile across the hall, the girls pasts come back to haunt them, also thanks to the evils of the Internet. The night begins with them watching the killer ape movie Penny starred in and while we don’t actually get to see a clip, we do overhear plenty of cringe worthy dialogue. Penny doesn’t suffer alone, a quick Google search of Bernadette brings up an old video of her competing to be Miss California Quiznos dressed in a gown that as Penny puts it, makes her look like a “talking cupcake.” To top it all off it ends with her doing a song and dance to number to The Spice Girl’s late 90’s hit ‘Wannabe.’

The fun doesn’t end there. Not to be outdone, Bernadette reveals Amy’s big Internet secret. (She can’t help it, tearing down other women was something she learned while competing in pageants.) Amy writes ‘Little House of the Prairie’ fan fiction featuring a character named Amelia and a time traveling physicist suspiciously named Cooper. Expecting the story to take a ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ type turn, the girls eagerly read on, only to be disappointed by the lack of action. This all changes in the last chapter, Bernadette and Penny getting more engrossed with each passing word. Of course right before they get to the good stuff, Leonard bursts in with his Stephen Hawking news, causing the girls to scream and immediately kick him out.

It does lead to a funny gag where Penny and Leonard read the rest of the book before going to sleep. It even cuts to Amy dressed as Amelia dressed in period appropriate gear, giving “Cooper” a sponge bath while he wears Spider-Man underoos. Thankfully Leonard shuts off the iPad before we’re forced to see anything else.