Bella Thorne: 'If you find me sexy that’s your problem'

Teen sensation Bella Thorne has a lot going on. The 17-year-old actress starred in the hit comedy "The Duff," was just cast in the series "Famous in Love," and now she’s urging her nearly six million Twitter followers to get off their phones and find a park!

The former Disney star stopped by the FOX411 studio to explain the new Find Your Park campaign, how she deals with unwanted attention, and to clear up her relationship with Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee's son.

FOX411: Okay what's this Find Your Park campaign?

Bella Thorne: Find Your Park is awesome. I really wanted to get involved because honestly I feel like we spend so much of our time on our phones, on Instagram, searching through Twitter and you really forget the beauty in life and the beauty in all the parks, the national park and so, I found my park.  My park is the Santa Monica Mountains.

FOX411:  What do you love about it?

Thorne: I feel like when I go up there I can clear my head. I can feel free.  I just go up there with my sister a lot. We hike. I want to go up there with friends and do a big camping trip up.

FOX411:  Michelle Obama and Laura Bush are signed on – which one would you want to meet most?

Thorne:  Well, I met….hmmm, that’s really hard.  I met Michelle and she’s amazing.  She’s so strong-willed.  You really look up to her. You’re just like, “Oh my goodness, this woman is amazing!” I’ve never met Laura Bush, but hopefully I will get to meet her by doing this campaign with them.

FOX411:  You’re a former Disney star – and some Disney stars get bad raps. What’s the craziest thing you ever heard a Disney star do?

Thorne:  Goodness, I don’t know. I have no idea. I think the sad part about that is people see these Disney girls and they think they only have to be one way with their curly hair but hello we’re all normal people here. We’re growing up. We are growing up in the light. It is hard. We’re battling fame and everything else around it, and paparazzi but at the end of the day we’re just normal people just you and I and everybody else like I don’t get it.

FOX411:  How do you avoid the pitfalls of Hollywood?

Thorne:  I wouldn’t say I even avoid them. I haven’t come across anything that I really have to avoid. Honestly, when I get home I’m in my bed, I’m eating Top Ramen and I’m watching Netflix. I’m tired from the day and I’m chilling. I’m on my phone watching TV. That’s pretty much what I do when I get home -- besides camping and hiking!

FOX411:  What do you think of fellow 17-yea-old Kylie Jenner being criticized for being too sexy?

Thorne: I would say she’s a beautiful, sexy girl -- look at her, she’s gorgeous. So, of course people are going to say she’s too sexy, like she’s already 17 and she’s already so beautiful.  People tell me I’m sexy too and I’m like, “Dawg, I’m just being me. If you find me sexy that’s your problem because you’re looking at me like that.”  I’m not trying to portray anything else than just me.

FOX411:  So ... you have a new boyfriend, Brandon Lee?

Thorne:  He’s not my boyfriend! He’s not my boyfriend! We’re dating. We went out on a few dates.  He’s really a cool person.  He’s really chill and laid back. He’s funny and outgoing.

FOX411:  Do you ever hang out with his famous parents?

Thorne: I met his mom, who’s just amazing and so kind and gracious and she was so nice. She literally was like, when I walked in, “Oh my god, so nice to meet you.”

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