Bar Refaeli's Skin-Tight Catsuit, Kristin McGee's Tips for a Tighter Tush, and Much, Much More

Here's what's on our radar:

• On Wednesday, Israeli model Bar Refaeli posted an Instagram photo of herself wearing some sort of see-through catsuit (below), along with a caption reading, "Just running out for some groceries." However, she failed to specify whether she planned to shoplift those groceries, as her tight cat-burglar outfit would imply, so nearby storeowners should be on the lookout.

• Speaking of things that are tight, let's talk about Kristin McGee's tush. McGee is a celebrity trainer who has worked with Bethenny Frankel and LeAnn Rimes (to name a few), so she knows a thing or two about sculpting a butt that would look fantastic in a cat-burglar outfit. Watch the video above for a few tips before going out to rob your local convenience store.

• In an upcoming episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," Kylie Jenner reportedly admits to using "temporary lip fillers" to plump her oft-discussed lips. So go ahead and cross "Kylie's Lips" off your list of "Suspiciously Plump Kardashian Body Parts in Need of Authentication." (Only about a dozen more to go!)

• After taping an appearance for "Jimmy Kimmel Live," somebody threw powdered sugar in Adam Levine's face while he was signing autographs outside the studio (below at around 0:55). The assailant was reportedly arrested for battery, but we feel that's a little harsh: After all, wouldn't it only be battery if the attacker had dipped Levine in a nice egg wash, too?

• On Tuesday's episode of "Watch What Happens Live," host Andy Cohen revealed Lance Bass to be the most famous person he's ever slept with. However, "Lance Bass" probably remains the most famous person Lance Bass has ever slept with. (The guy was in *NSYNC!)

• Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are reportedly selling the New Orleans mansion they purchased in 2006 for nearly double its purchase price of $3.5 million ($6.5 million). The home is said to contain five bedrooms, three and a half baths, and a magical indoor rollercoaster for all you're concerned, because you don't have enough money to see the inside of it.

• Warner Bros. has released another trailer for "Magic Mike XXL," the second installment in Channing Tatum's stripper opus (below). It's got a lot of the same footage as the last ones (mosty of Joe Manganiello violating a Pepsi display), but this time, the filmmakers loaded it with all the double entendres they presumably forgot to include in the finished script.

• FOX has canceled Mindy Kaling's sitcom "The Mindy Project" after three years on the air, and it's reportedly depressed quite a bit of fans on social media. For everybody else, though, you can just go ahead and keep not watching "The Mindy Project" like you weren't before. Nothing much will change for you.

• One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson and his former bandmate Zayn Malik are currently engaged in a Twitter feud. It all started when Louis made fun of Zayn's current producer, but culminated when Zayn told Louis to get his own life and stop making "bitchy comments." Needless to say, this has been the most exciting material 1D has released in ages.

• McDonald's is bringing back their Hamburglar character to promote its new Sirloin Third Pounder burgers. This time, however, he's being portrayed as an actual human man with a wife, a kid, and an affinity for striped clothing (below). If successful, expect McDonald's to follow up with a similar campaign for their next new product, where maybe they reveal Grimace is just a fat dude in purple tracksuit.

• And lastly, Jennifer Aniston is reportedly being considered for a role in the upcoming spin-off of 2004's "Mean Girls," to be called "Mean Moms." Apparently, after seeing Aniston play a "Horrible Boss" twice already, the film's producers were thoroughly convinced she could play the similarly disgusting matriarch of a family.