Ashton Kutcher Goes From Adorable Dork to Despicable Dude in Eyes of Many

In the hours since Demi Moore announced she was divorcing her husband of six years, Ashton Kutcher, the female employees of Yahoo’s women’s blog Shine have been chatting about their disdain for Kutcher.

Senior writer and editor Piper Weiss told her editor in chief Jennifer Romolini that she thought Demi was very cool for sticking up for herself in her statement to the press.

Romolini agreed that Demi was pretty “bad ass.”

Both women were in agreement that they simply couldn’t stand Kutcher any longer.

In the eyes of many, Ashton Kutcher has managed to go from lovable dork to despicable dude in the span of just a few months.

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"Ashton's cheating has totally destroyed his image. When he was married and loyal to Demi Moore, he was hot. Now that he is a cheater, he is not! He looks like an immature jerk," said Bonnie Fuller, President and Editor-in-Chief,, adding that her whole office of women and men alike has been chiming in on how much they dislike the “Two and a Half Men” star.

The downfall of "Ashton the good guy" began around this time last year when the 21-year old Brittney Jones stepped forward to say she had trysts with Kutcher while his Moore was out of town. Then this fall, another woman came forward to say she had a steamy hot tub romp with the actor while he was at a party in San Diego. Then came his Twitter message condemning the firing of Penn State coach Joe Paterno in a the wake of the school’s sexual abuse scandal involving a coach and minor boys. This from a man who had put himself forward as an opponent of child sex slavery.

"Ashton is not the most popular guy in Hollywood right now since his cheating scandal made headlines. He should be on top of the world and adored by the public for his new role on 'Two and a Half Men' but quite the opposite is happening," Dorothy Cascerceri, senior editor for In Touch Weekly told Fox411. "People don't like him for what he did to Demi, and his approval rating has certainly gone down with women who sympathize with her."

"His new role on 'Two and a Half Men' has been panned by critics, and he has been unsuccessful in filling Charlie Sheen's shoes," Cascerceri added. "Now that Demi released her statement announcing their divorce, he's in an even worse position, and is going to have a hard time bouncing back,”

Despite the growing ire for Kutcher, experts don’t think “Two and a Half Men” will suffer as the show has proved itself bulletproof.

“I don't think the divorce will hurt the show. I don’t think it was a surprise based upon recent articles in celebrity magazines. Many people thought the marriage was not sustainable because of the difference in age, and some thought it was a publicity stunt,” said Horizon Media analyst Brad Adgate. “Publicity about his personal life never hurt Charlie Sheen, and getting a divorce is mild compared to what Sheen's actions over the past few years.”

Newsday television writer Verne Gay agrees with Adgate, saying divorce does not typically affect ratings, especially not among the mostly male demographic that “Two and a Half Men” has traditionally appealed to.

“It won't affect him or the show at all. Stars get divorced all the time, and in fact the star that doesn't get divorced or who hasn't been divorced is a rarity," Gay told Fox411. "He's just one of a crowd, and I think fans and viewers will see it for what it was - just another high profile show biz union that hit the rocks."

While the show may not suffer, some fans might have a hard time looking at Kutcher the same way.

“Mostly we hate him because he arrogantly and mindlessly chimes, blogs and tweets about issues he knows nothing about. Every time he supports ‘Joe Pa’ during what could be one of the worst child rape cases in the history of college football, or writes any of his other dozens of insensitive, inappropriate, or uninformed tweets, he loses some respect in the eyes of people who are on the fence about him,” says Cooper Lawrence, the author of “Cult of Celebrity.”

Piper Weiss from Shine says it isn’t even so much the cheating and the divorce that makes Kutcher hard to take these days. It’s a sense of betrayal to Demi’s family, including her three daughters.

“He was this amazing, surprisingly mature stepfather to girls who were so close to his age and now the perception, especially based on Demi's public divorce statement, is that he let them all down," Weiss said. "It feels like he didn't just betray her, but her three daughters."