Arnold Palmer teaches Kate Upton to hit a driver

God may still be the only one who can hit a one iron, but thanks to Arnold Palmer, Kate Upton can now hit a driver.

The most famous model in the world (sorry Gisele) got a private lesson from the most famous golfer in the world (sorry Tiger) in the December issue of Golf Digest.

"Kate Upton is a new golfer who is going to be a very good golfer," Palmer wrote in the magazine. "When I met her at Bay Hill back in March, she told me her only golf experience had been playing with her family in Florida one day a year, on Christmas. She said she didn't make much of an effort because it was, well, Christmas, and she wanted to be with her friends. So at age 21 she's just now really taking up the game."

To get her game jump-started, Upton made the trip to Palmer's course in Latrobe, Pa.

"I could tell right away that she's going to be a nice player. It was the way she took her grip: a firm hold but not with a lot of tension in her arms," Palmer wrote. "The way she waggled the club was very easy and natural. And her first practice swings were aggressive, like she wanted to hit something. I think that's important."

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Palmer said Upton was a natural athlete, having been a champion equestrian before she took up modeling.

"Girls can do anything the boys can do, except maybe hit the ball a mile. Golf is golf," Palmer wrote, so he did like he does with anyone and asker her to pick a club to start with.

"With a beginner you present the whole set of clubs and say, 'Take your pick.' One club will arouse the most curiosity, and that's where you start," he wrote. "For Kate, that club was the driver, which made me smile because it's my favorite club, too."

To see how the lesson went, go to Golf Digest.