Ariana Grande impersonates Celine Dion on 'Tonight Show'

Before Ariana Grande was known for her own hit tunes, she used to spend her time doing impressions of other big stars' top songs.

And on Friday’s episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” host Fallon asked Grande if she would entertain the audience with her imitation of Celine Dion.

A jittery Ariana obliged and picked up a mic to duet with Fallon, doing a spot-on impression of one of the most-recognizable voices in the music industry.

Grande even matched Dion’s accent as she wrapped up her short, but impressive performance.

Ahead of the song, the young starlet told Fallon it was her first sit-down interview on a talk show and she felt “vulnerable.”

“I’m so nervous,” she told Fallon. “I don’t speak. This is my first time speaking in front of people.”