You know you’ve made it when your nipple or upper thigh gets its own Twitter account.

After Jennifer Lopez's and Angelina Jolie's respective body parts made their stunning debuts on Sunday night's Oscars (one on purpose, one not so much), they have made their presence known on the Internet in quite the creepy way.

Mere minutes after Jennifer Lopez has a slight wardrobe malfunction (which she denies) at Sunday night’s Academy Awards someone created a Twitter account called @JLosNipple, with the inaugural Tweet: “Did you see me?”

By Wednesday morning @JLosNipple had more than 5,000 followers.

During the awards shows, @JLosNipple was busy communicating with another new Twitter account @AngiesRightLeg, which popped up moments after Angelina Jolie walked the Oscar red carpet with her entire right leg exposed through the slit of her Atelier Versace dress.

"Just to clear the areola, me and @Angiesrightleg have no beef,” @JLosNipple tweeted to @AngiesRightLeg.

The Twitter dedicated to Ms. Jolie’s limb had more than 39,000 followers at last count and it was getting saucy, even attacking the real life Jolie’s tabloid foe Jennifer Aniston.

Welcome to Twitter infamy ladies. You’re in good company.

Shortly after the royal wedding Twitter handles were created for the princess’ royal sister Pippa’s fantastic backside. There was @Pippasbackside and @pippasass, the latter of which gained more than 3,000 followers. It also spawned its own tribute website.

Kim Kardashian’s ample asset has long had its own Twitter handles. @KimsAss has more than 7,000 Twitter followers and tweets about its troubles getting into an itty bitty bikini bottom and the perils of Kardashian eating too many carbs.

If you think 7,000 followers is on the feeble side, think about this: There have only been five tweets from the account.

Rihanna’s legs have their own Twitter too (@Rihannaslegs) and in a disturbing turn, so do R&B singer Keri Hilson’s feet (@KeriHilson_feet).

Lady body parts seem to do much better than their male counterparts. A Twitter devoted to Bradley Cooper’s mustache, @CoopersMustache only has 449 followers. The Twitter handle @Jay_Lenos_Chin, whose tagline is “Looking for other celebrity body parts to interview” has only 29 followers.

For a brief period prior to his run for the Republican presidential nomination Texas governor Rick Perry’s hair got its own Twitter account at the handle @govPerryshair which provided a daily update on the politician’s perfectly groomed coif as well as comparisons to other political follicles. Still the Texan governor’s hair never reached 1,000 followers.

And despite the intense fervor over teen pop star Justin Bieber on the Internet, particularly on Twitter (there are more than 5,000 fan handles for Bieber on the site), Bieber’s famous hairstyle @Bieber_hair has less than 1,000 followers.

The male celebrity body part with the most Twitter followers just might be 50 Cent’s teeth (@50CentsTeeth) with 3,920 followers.

On twitter's bloggy cousing Tumblr, however, no celebrity body part is as popular as Ryan Gosling's abs. There are more than thirty Tumblr accounts dedicated to the “Crazy, Stupid, Love” star's perfectly cut abdomen, among them “Feminist Ryan Gosling” which pair typically topless pictures of the actor with feminist theory flashcards and “Biostatistics Ryan Gosling” which does the same with esoteric stat language.

Of course, who wouldn’t be interested in Chebvychev’s inequality when it comes attached to Gosling's pecs.