Andy Garcia to Carlos Santana on Grammys: “Racism is a Very Harsh Word”

Andy Garcia thinks Carlos Santana has gone too far calling the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences racist for eliminating several Latin music categories that were previously awarded Grammys.

“Racism is a very  harsh word,” said the Cuban actor prior to receiving the “Impact Award” for his acting achievements at the HBO/NY International Latino Film Festival in New York City, Thursday night.

“I didn’t agree with the decision. [But] there are probably reasons why they did it.”

Gárcia, known for his roles in Hollywood classic “The Godfather: Part III” and “Ocean’s Twelve” added that being “a member of the academy” he feels “there are a lot of repetitive categories.”

“We see the same award given to the same record over and over again,” García said.

“How can you have an album, and a record, and a song, and a performance?” he questioned. “It deprives the audience member of diversity, and in diversity there is interest.”

Nonetheless, García, whose earned a multiple Grammy and Latin Grammy awards for his work with musicians such as Israel Cachao and for composing the songs of his films “The Lost City,” “Disappearance of García Lorca,” and “Just the Ticket,” says he is opposed to the decision the Grammy academy took because “the categories that they dropped are important to the tapestry and fabric of American music.”

I think part of the claim is that they have categories that are covered in the Latin Grammys,” García said.

“But the reality is the categories they dropped are essential to some of the great artists in America.”

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