AMPAS explains diversity-related rules overhaul

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Last week the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced sweeping changes to its voting and membership rules in direct response to fierce criticism over the near total lack of nonwhite Oscar nominees for the second year in a row. Designed to increase diversity among its membership as well as ensure voting members are still for the most part actively working in the entertainment industry, the new rules nonetheless have sparked controversy and much confusion in the days since, particularly among members unsure of their status in the group.

To quell some of that, the Academy issued a letter to members, also posted on its official site going into the changes in greater detail. “Were not excluding older members. Everyone will retain membership,” the FAQ affirms, going on to make it clear that members will be given the chance to appeal if their voting status is revoked, and that the Academy isn’t lowering its standards, “we are widening our net.”

The full FAQ is below.

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