'7th Heaven' creator would welcome Stephen Collins for reunion despite child abuse scandal

At least one person has moved on from Stephen Collins child sex abuse scandal -- and that's the creator of "7th Heaven."

In a controversial admission, Brenda Hampton told Life & Style she would want to include Stephen Collins if there was ever a show reunion.

Hampton said of the hypothetical reunion, “I would include [Collins]. I think all the actors would like to do a reunion show. It would be really fun!”

Catherine Hicks, who played his on-screen wife Annie Camden for 11 seasons, told paparazzi in Sept. 2016 she would do a reunion... if Collins’ character were killed off.

Hampton responded to that suggestion by saying, “I think Catherine was caught off guard and said something off the top of her head."

In 2014, it was revealed that Collins had inappropriate sexual contact with three minors from the 1970s to the 1990s. "7th Heaven" reruns were pulled from most networks after the Collins' past came to light.

Pamela Shae, the show’s executive in charge of casting said, “I was very, very shocked... I didn’t see [the scandal] coming.”

Shae told the Life & Style that Collins’ return for a reboot could cause serious issues.

“It’s one of those ethical questions: How is this going to be received?” she mused.

No such reunion has been said to be in the works at this time.